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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 6


Letter From The Editor

Dear reader

At Small Times we have always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. Whether it is trends in MEMS fab outsourcing, the latest tools or materials innovations, or even nano startup financing, we have always aimed to report and analyze what has recently happened, and also point out for readers what we expect to come next.

Letter To The Editor

Sending the wrong message

I’ll start by freely admitting that FEI is a fabulous company and the Titan is an awesome piece of gear.

Legal Corner

The nanotech researcher’s dilemma: publish or patent?

As nanotech researchers develop inventions that are ready for the marketplace, they face a dilemma: how to balance the pressures to publish and promote their findings with the need to keep developments secret in order to preserve patentability.


Nanotech evolves from a mere community to a rich and diverse ecosystem

Frequently you hear the term “nanotechnology community.” I know I’ve used it on many occasions in my column and while speaking at events.


Cover Story

Around the next bend: 2007

Unpacking the year’s micro/nano agenda before the trip even begins

Small World

Dyed in the wool nano processes

A group of French researchers have determined that processes for dying gray human hair black that were developed two millennia ago rely on nanoscale phenomena.

Global Watch

Aerospace market still struggling to take off

Structural nanomaterials, sensors show promise but providers must prove reliability first

Small World

Nanoparticles help runners sock it to ’em

When someone pronounces that their stockings have run, it is usually a bad thing.



EHS efforts caught in the crosstalk

Government, researchers and industry disagree over best approaches to environment, health and safety oversight


Financing and Acquisitions

Download a PDF of Equity and debt financing and Acquisitions.

Patent Trends

Legal changes could impact nanoscale invention

Two bills seek to change patent rules but they may be too different to reconcile

State Rankings

State Rankings Part 3: Research

The map and the charts comprise the third installment of our ongoing series that ranks the U.S. states for their micro- and nanotechnology development.


Mems Report Card

The 2006 MEMS industry report card

Evaluating the sector for its efforts at developing standards, building clusters, rolling out products and more


Spinach scare highlights need for inline food testing

A molecular diagnostic tool has been at the forefront of addressing the recent outbreak of E. coli detected in fresh spinach, which had resulted in nearly 200 cases of illness as of late September.


Bio techniques: shooting tiny gold bullets at viruses

Researchers at U.K.-based PowderMed say they’ve scored a bull’s eye with a new gene gun.

Rampd Updates



Power Play

Power play: MEMS-based energy monitoring comes of age

Sensors, software protocols have reached a point of maturity where real world rollouts are finally feasible

Technical Education

A new national asset: the Hispanic nanotechnologist

More needs to be done to attract this burgeoning population to fill the growing number of high tech jobs

Technical Education

Aiming for the top of their class

Community colleges integrate micro, nanotech into curricula in drive to support local industry development