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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 4



Workshop sets stage for DOE’s nanotech future

A June workshop hosted by the Department of Energy (DOE) aimed to set industry-driven R&D priorities that will yield significant energy savings in manufacturing and product use.

Guest Column

Precision and accuracy key when discussing nano

The American Association of Cancer Research’s recent article, “Nanoparticles Can Damage DNA, Increase Cancer Risk,” provides a good example of how researchers can unintentionally damage the public’s ability to develop a balanced understanding of nanotechnology.

Letter From The Editor

Dear reader,

The MEMS industry’s two major annual market research studies both report dramatic growth from 2005 to 2006.


Aiming For A Cool Market

Aiming for a cool market

Among the companies looking to meet the microelectronics industry’s need for heat dissipation is ALD Nanosolutions (, which uses atomic layer deposition to produce nanometer amorphous coating on a variety of surfaces-including boron nitride (BN) particles.

Mems Infrastructure Adva

MEMS infrastructure advancements drive services shift

Improvements in the assortment and depth of MEMS manufacturing services is propelling a business-model shift.

Cool Applications For Ho

Cool applications for hot technologies

Increasing microelectronic density and processing speeds imply more heat.

Multiple Views Better Da

Multiple views, better data from a single tool

Integrated tools empower multidisciplinary collaboration by accommodating diverse tasks

Cover Story

Semi suppliers court MEMS, PV, emerging markets

Despite the relative health of a semiconductor equipment sector that topped $40 billion in 2006, market maturation and consolidation have driven many companies to seek new outlets for their products and technologies.

Small World

Canadian ‘poppy quarter’ not a spy coin

The “poppy quarter,” a red coin from Canada, gave the U.S. government quite a scare.


Unidym brings nanotech to market

Through its merger with Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. (CNI), founded by the late Richard Smalley, who won a Nobel prize for his work in nanotechnology, Unidym has assembled a full intellectual property portfolio and a range of patents covering many aspects of carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

Small World

MEMS insect to flutter into enemy camps

We’ve come a long way since Maxwell Smart, a fictional character in the 1965-1970 NBC/CBS spy spoof series, Get Smart, used a pencil listening device and other assorted gadgets to help him spy on the bad guys.

Small World

Public views nanotech research on TV

From Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to Silicon Valley, researchers are manipulating particles at the atomic level, ushering in potential cures for cancer, clothes that don’t stain, and solar panels as thin as a sheet of paper, according to a blog by Josh Rosen, series producer for QUEST on KQED Television (Public Broadcasting for northern California).


Rampd Updates



Simulation software speeds microfluidics development

Physical testing will tell you whether your MEMS or NEMS design works-but only after a time-consuming process of prototype creation.


LIGA moves into the mainstream

Newly robust electroforming processes enable rugged, affordable microsystems


At last, semiconductor industry begins embracing nano

Even though the conservative semiconductor industry, with its extreme performance and manufacturing demands, has done much of its manufacturing in nanoscale dimensions for years, it hasn’t yet had much use for the unique properties of nanoparticles, fullerenes, nanowires, quantum dots, etc.-the technologies usually considered “true” nanotech.


State Rankings Part Six

State Rankings Part Six: The all-category summary

In this summation of the category-specific state rankings that Small Times has produced over the past several issues, we reveal the ultimate all-category standings of U.S. states that lead the nation in small tech.




An overview of funding deals, M&A activity, and market offerings

Patent Trends

Court opens avenue of attack on patents

A case about a relatively simple gas pedal may have an enduring impact on nanotechnologists’ ability to obtain and defend patents crucial to innovation and commercialization-and serve to drive down the valuations of emerging technology firms.

Patent Trends

Small tech needs a louder voice in the patent reform debate

Congress introduced twin bills in the House and Senate proposing sweeping revisions to patent law on April 18, 2007