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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 3



Mind the (global perspective) gap

What’s the biggest barrier to small-tech commercialization today? Is it a lack of standards? Manufacturing or infrastructure challenges? Shortage of a qualified workforce? Intellectual property or EH&S (environmental, health, and safety) concerns?

Letter From The Editor

Dear reader,

As we put the finishing touches on our annual university rankings’ issue, the news is filled with reflection on the tragic shootings that took place at the Virginia Tech.


Cover Story

Community colleges are critical

Go to any small-tech seminar or conference these days and you’re almost guaranteed to hear folks lamenting the shortage of workers skilled in small-tech topics.

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Top 10, by category

The Small Times’ university survey included 26 questions about funding, facilities, patenting, company formation, research, publishing, plus micro- and nano-specific courses and degree programs.

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Index of universities, by state

The following list includes all the universities that responded to the Small Times’ survey and summarizes their micro- and nanotech programs.

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The survey and its analysis

Small Times introduced its university rankings in 2005, based on a survey sent to research institutions in the United States.

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Educating small tech’s revolutionaries

Institutions that teach skills and nurture innovation: A guide for students, researchers, inventors, and CEOs

Small World

Designing molecular machines from the comfort of home

Tom Moore, a nanotechnology blogger, has set up a Machine Phase blog at to chronicle his nanotechnology adventures designing molecular machines using NanoEngineer-1 software from Nanorex.

Small World

Students’ cars drive the power of nanotechnology

Fuel-cell-powered balsa-wood cars are driving students from Broadlands, Ill.-based Heritage High School into the age of nanotechnology.


Kohrt examines energy/education

Managing industrial innovation is a challenge, whether in a corporate setting or in research.

Global Watch

How Germany nurtures its nanotech industry

The country supports innovators in interesting ways.

Test Measurement

Meeting production pressures

Are today’s test-and-measurement tools up to the demands of high-volume small-tech manufacturing?


Rampd Updates



Manufacturing progress key to flexible electronics’ success

As the first commercial flexible electronics reach consumers, many significant manufacturing and technological obstacles must be overcome for the market to reach its multi-billion-dollar potential over the next five to ten years.


Nanoident opens facility for organic semiconductors

In March, Nanoident opened in Linz, Austria, what it claims to be “the world’s first dedicated manufacturing facility for printed organic semiconductors.



Equity financing and Acquisitions and mergers

Marketing Strategies

Can we talk-about nano?

Nanotechnology offers fantastic benefits-but it’s controversial.

Ehs Issues

EPA reviews EHS implications of nanotechnology

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent nanotechnology White Paper is the result of a 27-month review of the positive potential uses and the possible negative environmental, health, and safety (EHS) implications of nanotechnology.