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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 1



Weight, not height, driving VC dollars

Disappointing. That sums up my opinion of the venture capital numbers for the first three quarters of 2006.

Legal Corner

Risks and rewards of accelerated examination:new procedures at the USPTO

An executive of an emerging nanotechnology company knows all too well the value that investors and others place on the early certainty a patent brings to being able to protect the company’s inventions.

Finance Corner

How to negotiate with an 800-pound gorilla

Early stage technology companies that enter partnerships such as original equipment manufacture or reseller agreements with industry 800-pound gorillas (further referred to as the ‘other party’) typically have little or no negotiating leverage.

Letter From The Editor

Dear reader,

I was stuck in Chicago recently on my way from PennWell’s corporate offices in Tulsa to do an interview in Albany.


Cover Story

Mainstream MEMS: monolithic or hybrid?

A recent spate of spectacular MEMS product developments aimed at large mainstream applications has kindled debate about MEMS’ suitability for high-volume CMOS manufacturing.

Cover Story

MEMS the word in consumer electronics

MEMS components have been in projectors since 1996 and in TVs since 2002, but the cell phone market is the latest, greatest frontier

Small World

Lego my nano

The world’s favorite building blocks company embraced the world of nanotech this year by making “Nano Quest” the theme for its FIRST Lego League (FLL) 2006 Challenge.


FEI hitting its stride with new CEO

A year ago at this time, FEI was bleeding cash.


Rampd Updates

Albany Nanotech opens 65nm line

Albany Nanotech put another notch in its belt when it qualified its 65nm semiconductor fabrication line in September.


Stem cell sorting gets mega boost from micro technology

When research scientist Bruce E. Torbett is isolating stem cells from blood in his laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute’s Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, he relies on a hefty device that costs about $30,000.


Mirkin group unveils 55k-pen DPN array

New array suggests throughput could eventually meet commercial needs



Survey says: Manufacturing, government keys to U.S. success

First-ever UMass Lowell-Small Times analysis explores nanotech industry priorities


Making light of the small

Photonics and nanotechnology have a synergy rarely seen. But nano-optical devices are not prevalent in the marketplace, even though the academic labs churn out one breakthrough after another.

Sideways From Silicon

Printable electronics and photonic curing: high performance in a flash

The silicon industry has achieved stunning advances over its nearly 50 year history.

Sideways From Silicon

Milling a hardened micro mold

In an endless pursuit of the capabilities of micromachining, we often run across test cuts that are of interest.

Sideways From Silicon

Laser-based glass micromachining

The vast majority of microdevices are built out of silicon using photolithographic processes.




State Rankings

State Rankings

The fourth category - innovation - of our state rankings shows a good deal of consistency in what is usually a very volatile category.

Regulatory Amp Ip Roundu

IP trolls: Fiction or reality? Friendly or devious?

In Scandinavian mythology, a troll is a mischievous dwarf that lives under a bridge.

Regulatory Amp Ip Roundu

Reports suggest new safety procedures

A trio of new reports outlined safety procedures nanotechnology labs and companies are practicing now and what research nanotechnologists should investigate over the next 15 years to help alleviate concerns about its risks.

Regulatory Amp Ip Roundu

Changing of the guard

Which Mr. Smith will go to Washington on nano’s behalf?

Regulatory Amp Ip Roundu

EPA regulates nano product, not nano industry

Legal experts say decision more about EPA policy revamp than nanotechnology