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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 3




FEI Co. has released its new extreme field emission gun (X-FEG) electron source module for its Titan family of scanning transmission electron microscopes (S/TEMs).

Small Tech Exec

MEMS State of the Nation

I’ll attempt to provide here a brief review and update of the “MEMS State of the Nation” by using my MEMS Commercialization Report Card”1 to help track the recent changes and the trends in the critical success factors to the commercialization of MEMS.


The eight-inch advantage: MEMS development at SVTC

Q: What’s new at SVTC?


Global MEMS/Microsystems markets and opportunities

Burgeoning demand for a host of new products enabled by MEMS devices means the sector will likely see a healthy increase this year despite any general semiconductor slowdown, and will remain on track to maintain its 17% average growth for the next five years.

Under The Microscope

MEMS of high sophistication

I set off on what I thought was a simple quest a couple of months ago, to identify a few of the most sophisticated microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices in the world.


Carbon Nanotubes Promise

Carbon nanotubes promise a simple approach to making gas sensors

Low cost is imperative when manufacturing any kind of sensor???particularly one used in mass-market applications such as automotive, home and consumer electronics???and this means keeping the sensing structure as simple and practical as possible.

Enabling Next Generation

Enabling next-generation MEMS devices with metal eutectic bonding

Microelectrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices have experienced impressive and steady growth as they are integrated into people’s everyday lives.

A New Take On Mems Innov

A new take on MEMS innovation

With three of the key end markets for MEMS devices currently struggling I find it especially interesting that current emerging market drivers aren’t necessarily coming in the form of new MEMS devices as in the past, but rather new ways to apply existing MEMS devices

Hp Optimizes Low Cost Pr

HP optimizes low-cost processing for inkjet printheads

One of the most common and most ignored types of chips is on almost every desk in this electronic world of ours???the inkjet printhead.

Riding The Wave Of Consu

Riding the wave of consumerization

New MEMS devices are inexpensive and ultracompact, with low power consumption.