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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 1


Small World

Small World

Small Tech Exec

Corporate social responsibility: A guiding concept for dialogue on nanotechnology

Policymakers, companies, scientists, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) generally agree that comprehensive societal dialogue is crucial for the success of nanotechnologies.

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Components + Materials

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Development + Research

Under The Microscope

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A New View Of Materials.

A new view of materials

A new AFM mode enables improved nanoscale characterization.

Shedding Light On Nanoph

Shedding light on nanophotonics

To take full advantage of light’s quantum properties, you need to understand a little quantum physics.

Super Sensitive Medical

Super-sensitive medical diagnostics

Medical diagnostics account for just 1% of healthcare spending, yet it is the basis for 60% of all healthcare decision-making.

The State Of Standards M

The state of standards: MEMS

A survey of MEMS industry players reveals points of agreement and divergence on the ever-controversial topic of production standards.

2007 Best Of Small Tech

2007 Best of Small Tech Awards

This is the sixth year of the prestigious Small Times’ Best of Small Tech Awards, which recognize the sector’s most exemplary products and people.

Mems Metrology Grows In

MEMS metrology grows in importance—and complexity

Just as MEMS developers are waking up to the fact that metrology tools can add value to development and fabrication of MEMS devices, tool suppliers are facing the challenges—and opportunities—of serving an increasingly complex market.