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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 12




Mixed News Circulates Fr

Mixed news circulates from SEMICON Southwest

AUSTIN, TX—As the old joke goes, THERE.WAS.SOME good news and some bad news coming out of Semicon Southwest 2002.

Intel Keeps Building Des

Intel keeps building despite market downturn

SANTA CLARA, CA—THE HIGH-TECH slump is not slowing Intel Corp. down.

Dell To Manufacture Emc

Dell to manufacture EMC storage device

HOPKINTON, MA—DUDE, YOU'RE working with Dell. That sentiment sums up a deal EMC Corp. recently struck with Dell Computer Corp. (Austin, TX), an agreement that will allow Dell to manufacture data storage hardware under a year-old partnership between the two companies and disclose new details of Dell's growing role as a reseller of EMC's equipment for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Particle Counting Makes

Particle counting makes visible progress

AUSTIN, TX—Spotting particles as soon as possible without disturbing manufacturing was a theme at SEMICON Southwest 2002, held here in mid-November.

Compliance Woes Haunt Ab

Compliance woes haunt Abbott

CHICAGO, IL—ABBOTT.LABORATORIES continues to have trouble complying with federal regulatory drug manufacturing standards as a recent inspection of its Austin, TX plant turned up mold and rust in critical manufacturing areas and the intravenous (IV) solutions it produces.

Feds Processors Take Hea

Feds, processors take heat for meat recall

FRANCONIA, PA?THE 19 MILLION pounds of ConAgra ground beef tainted with E. Coli was only in the books as the largest recall in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) history for a short time.

The Dawn Of The Deduster

The dawn of the deduster

LANCASTER, PA—THE ACRYLIC WINDOW in a cell phone, the clear lens that covers a car's instrument panel and the plastic surgical instruments all need to be perfect, for any flaws will render them scrap.

Human Containment Recons

Human containment reconsidered

BURR RIDGE, IL—IMAGINE A giant Ziploc sandwich bag big enough to package a person and outfitted with filters, intake and exhaust fans and sleeves that protect a patient and gives medical personnel access to that patient without the risk of exposure to contamination.


Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Know what you need, get what you need

We simply can't take for granted that we understand all there is to know about our particular businesses.



Faster measurement of viable particles in UPW

Culturing methods1, the gold standard for measuring bacteria in ultrapure water (UPW), take 24 to 48 hours or more to report a result. When you need faster response times, here are some options:

Life Sciences

Aseptic processing guidelines under consideration

I recently attended a public hearing where the proposed revision of aseptic guidelines for manufacturing parenteral products was presented for comment by the FDA. While there was universal concern in the room about the content of the document, the mood was decidedly mixed.


Iest Rp 006 A Well Kept

IEST RP-006: A well-kept secret

Scarcely a week goes by that we don't receive a question regarding the testing of cleanrooms.

High Purity Valves Evolv

High-purity valves evolve to meet future demands

The design and material property of high-purity valves have improved over the years to provide tighter liquid chemical process control and increased cleanliness.

Special Report

FDA to build cGMPs with science-based guidelines

Industry ponders impact of the FDA decision to reassess cGMPs, encourage innovation and strengthen the consistency of its oversight.


Laminar Flow Workstation

Laminar flow workstations won't hurt the cash flow

Larger manufacturing facilities often require just a few "critical clean" areas, making laminar flow workstations an ideal solution.