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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 10


Iest Standard Shows Diff

IEST standard shows difference between minienvironments, isolators

Right around the time the now retired Federal Standard 209 debuted, gloveboxes were being used by the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries in similar fashions.

Fry Steps Down As Pda Pr

Fry steps down as PDA president, Maitra named European director

PDA ANNOUNCED that after 11 years, Edmund M. Fry, president of the international association for pharmaceutical science and technology, has stepped down to embark upon a new career.

Fda Cgmp Initiative A St

FDA cGMP initiative: A streamlining step in the right direction

IT WAS ONLY IN the last 25 years that two college dropouts founded Apple Computer in a garage, while Wang was building word processors linked to central computers for office use.

Cryolife In Business Des

Cryolife in business despite recall

IT'S BUSINESS AS usual for the nation's largest supplier of living human tissue for implantation now that it can continue supplying specimens in emergencies amid a recall of potentially tainted tissue.

Cleanpak Gives Servicor

Cleanpak gives Servicor new life

CLEANPAK INTERnational Inc. (CPI) has acquired the assets of Servicor Inc., a maker of modular cleanrooms and portable isolation equipment, pumping new life into the veins of an industry mainstay.

Balazs Air Liquide Enter

Balazs Air Liquide enters real-time monitoring industry Internet portal to provide real-time analytical results online

BALAZS ANALYLITical Services, a division of Air Liquide America Corp., threw its hat into the real-time monitoring ring recently with the debut of FabNet service, an Internet portal that allows clients access to current and archived analytical data online.


Incam Solutions expands global infrastructure


Life Sciences

Select the proper engineering controls for your particular containment task

In my July column, I presented an overview of the four critical elements that compose a successful contamination control system geared for the life sciences: engineering controls, work practices, administrative controls and personal protective elements.


When a battery is not actually a battery

Past columns referred to the use of "diffusion batteries" to measure the concentration of aerosol particles in cleanrooms.


Inventors Corner

Plasma process apparatus


Messy airflow design chart

This letter is to comment on the July 2002 "Unfiltered" column "Cleanroom airflows Part II: The messy details" by Mike Fitzpatrick and Ken Goldstein.


The cleanroom as

Although it's hard to imagine exactly how the next ten years of technical advancements will change our daily lives, process change advancements will have a dramatic impact on clean production and the future of cleanrooms


More steps toward enlightened industry

You can argue that "change" and "progress" are inexorably linked—change for the better yields progress.


Cleanrooms China A Big S

CleanRooms China a big success

"It was a big success," says James Enos, Pennwell Corp. vice president and CleanRooms group publishing director.

Build Layers Of Protecti

Build layers of protection for effective ESD management

Understand the ESD failure mechanisms involved in your applications and apply the proper protection technologies available

Built To Spec

Built in record time

Wafer fab comes in under budget in less than five months

Special Report

A whole new state of purity

The ITRS calls for gas purity levels that are next to impossible to measure. However, the situation is not totally hopeless, as advances in technology promise better and less-expensive impurity detection


Gas Purity Products.html

Gas purity products

Current gas control requirements are met, in part, by engineering and attention to detail in today's gas delivery systems.

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