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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 2


Barrier Isolators

Barrier isolators and the reduction of contamination in preparation of parenteral products

A report was published recently by the American Journal of Health System Pharmacists (Ref.1) that identified the presence of antineoplastic contamination on surfaces in pharmacies in six cancer treatment centers in the United States and Canada.


Understanding containment and its limitations

There is increasing concern across the healthcare field regarding the handling of hazardous drugs. The concern is about not only the new and more potent compounds that are being routinely developed by pharmaceutical research, but also a number of compounds that have been in the marketplace for years.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment approach to potent compound control

Operations and safety managers are constantly looking for better ways to make appropriate risk-management decisions for finished pharmaceutical packaging operations involving potent compounds.


Product Spotlight

Purchasers not picky, paper purveyors purport

Sheila Wilson doesn't give much thought when ordering paper for the cleanrooms at Rudolph Technologies (Ledgewood, NJ). Once a month or so, Wilson, a buyer at the thin-film metrology tool maker, purchases just one 250-sheet case of blue, lint-free, 22.5-pound Munising from Connecticut Clean Room Corp. ...

New Products

New Products

Faceshield with chin protector; Shower pans; Cleanroom vacuum system; SiC heater...



Wispy wiping wonders

Hello, my name is Mark, and I'm a wiperholic. I've been a wiperholic now for a while, and I have a cache of wipers for pretty much any surface or circumstance...

Inventors Corner

Inventor's corner

Cleanroom; Surface cleaning; Wafer cleaning system ...


209 is dead, long live 209

I have also been involved with the work of the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee charged with writing global cleanroom standards.


When there's nothing more we need

Part of my job is to keep an ear to the tracks, listen and then try to make some sense out of what I've heard. Editors, on all levels, function as prognosticators, attempting to piece together fragments of conversations we had with analysts or pearls of wisdom we pulled out of the stacks of related journals.




SAN JOSE, CA—The semiconductor industry experienced the worst decline in its history during 2001, according to a new report issued by Gartner Dataquest. "As demand weakened and capacity utilization decreased, financial considerations became foremost in everyone's mind.


Technology nodes decreasing yearly

SAN JOSE, CA—in the updated International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), the working partners of the group, including the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), say chip feature sizes are shrinking quickly and reports that the 2001 roadmap "calls for more aggressive scaling...


IC market for China bright?

China is regarded as the next global IC hotspot. While the country is working to meet its internal demand, there's some disparity in forecasts as to how much capacity will grow, and how quickly.



FAA fails to monitor, regulate cabin air quality; ATMI, Nissan Chemical enter manufacturing agreement...


Biosecurity to be discussed at CR East 2002

Baltimore, MD—Many cleanroom operators have been looking at ways to protect the technology and medications being manufactured within their facilities since the attacks on September 11th and the subsequent anthrax threats.


UV combats air handler contamination

TULSA, OK —A research study conducted in a 286,000-square-foot building that houses Public Service Company of Oklahoma indicates that use of ultraviolet radiation within air handling units can drastically reduce microbial contamination.


Wacker Siltronic faces uniform suit

PORTLAND, OR—Michael Ballaris never thought much of changing out of his street clothes to put on a uniform, shoes and then a bunny suit before punching in for his shift at Wacker Siltronic Corp.


Anti-anthrax services pushed

WASHINGTON—Recent testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee by Les Vinney, president and CEO of Steris Inc. (Mentor, OH), has bolstered the company's press to become a player in the new market of anthrax and biological contaminant remediation.


Life Sciences

FDA compliance officer cuts to the chase

The cancellation of Federal Standard 209 (FED-STD 209) and the rise of cleanroom protocols handed down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has raised many questions among contamination-control professionals on just where the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stands.


Semiconductor worker health: An issue far from settled

The controversy arises not from the cleanroom concept itself, but from the production processes conducted within this specific type of cleanroom. A cleanroom can be a healthy environment, even aseptic.



Ultrasonic humidification works in the 300 mm cleanroom

ith the advent of 300 mm wafer fabrication, controling humidity levels in semiconductor manufacturing environments is just as important today as it was in the past. This importance continues to be fixed on the larger, general cleanroom but is becoming increasingly crucial in the minienvironments being integrated for specific manufacturing processes.


Developing lab space with the future in mind

How do you set yourself up for success when planning a new building, laboratory retrofit or renovation? There are steps that an organization, its scientists and the design team can take to ensure that any new facility or addition is designed to best contribute to...

Special Report

The care and feeding of an optoelectronics cleanroom

Photons may not have any mass, but in modern technology they carry a lot of weight. Much of the world's voice, video and data travels as beams of light down strands of fiber. Music and computer data is extracted every day from CDs and DVDs using red-hued, solid-state lasers, and in many cases, optoelectronics play a crucial role in that seemingly ever-present technical magic.

Built To Spec

Seeing the (Alfa)light

An energy-efficient, innovative, easy-to-maintain, and cost-effective design coupled with an expeditious construction delivery schedule is essential to the success of any high-tech start-up.