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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 11




Rent A Technology Catchi

Rent-a-technology catching on

It looks like nothing more than a propped up dryer hose attached to toaster-like box that emits a vaporous fog, but the Clean Air Trakker from Clean Air Solutions can cost as much as a new Hyundai automobile.


Finishing touches on 2004 CleanRooms East/PDA SciTech Summit conference programs

Final preparations are set for the 2004 CleanRooms East/PDA SciTech Summit (March 8-12) conferences sessions, one of the life sciences' most comprehensive contamination and process control education events to date.

Ship Decontaminated Afte

Ship decontaminated after virus outbreak

A nasty stowaway surprised passengers on the Regal Princess during a late summer cruise across the Atlantic, necessitating a decontamination of the ship and its environs.

Boston Texas Universitie

Boston, Texas universities get OK for biocontainment labs

Boston University Medical Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch have been chosen by The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to build biocontainment centers, housing dozens of laboratories to study new vaccines and develop drugs to treat anthrax and Ebola, among others.

Ibm Cleanrooms On Trial.

IBM cleanrooms on trial

For the IBM Corp. and the cleanroom-based semiconductor industry, the next few months promise to be interesting times.

Cosmic Cleanrooms Could

Cosmic cleanrooms could launch life sciences into new dimension

Gene Meyers is a commercial real estate developer, but the property he has targeted for new pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is more than 400 miles in the sky.



Human biotechnology emerging smarter, leaner

The "human biotechnolgy" segment of the greater Biotechnology has been one of the most appealing industries to follow from an editor's perspective.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Cleanroom systems need to be as adaptable as the spaces they serve

A generation ago, biotechnology, microelectronics, and other high-tech industries were all but unknown to the general public. Today, we literally can't live without them.


On The Beat

Why not?

They stopped and stared as he meandered through the aisles of CleanRooms West 2003, clutching a space shuttle-like model, and stopping to explain what it was to anyone who would listen.


Cleanroom particle sources, Part I: Gas to particle conversions

Not many aerosol particles in the make-up air drawn into a cleanroom from the outside ambient penetrate through the cleanroom's HELPA/ULPA filters. Yet the ambient air within a cleanroom is never free of aerosol particles. So, where do they come from?


Improving Isolator Air M

Improving isolator air monitoring post-VHP sterilization

Microbiological monitoring of air is a critical component of any pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical manufacturer's environmental program. It provides information on the processing environment's quality during manufacturing and enables the study of microbiological air quality trends—and, of course, is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement for both the United States and Europe.

Polymer Piping Performan

Polymer piping performance for pharma and biotech applications

Thanks to the explosive growth of the semiconductor industry beginning in the 1980s, polymer technology for high-purity water and chemical processes has advanced significantly.

Biotech Future Remains B

Biotech future remains bright

The coming boom in the biotech market is not without its short-term challenges, including the recession and the bottom falling out of both the public and private equity markets.

Puerto Rico A Lure For L

Puerto Rico: A lure for life sciences, contamination control

A visitor strolling through the narrow, cobblestone streets between the colorful, colonial buildings of this historic paradise may have a hard time imagining that 16 of the top 20 drugs sold in the United States are manufactured on this Caribbean island.

Time To Step Up The 3d O

Time to step up the 3D of HPM process

In response to current trends within the semiconductor industry, such as poor market acceptance, the lack of new consumer devices and the transition to restrictive technology node shifts in geometry and wafer size,1 many facility owners are realizing the need to close existing fabs.

Special Report

Pump up the volume

In today's watch-every-penny world of semiconductor fab construction, is it any wonder that bulk specialty gas distribution systems are replacing multiple gas cabinets as the workhorse of gas delivery?

Vibration Control In Nan

Vibration control in nanotechnology research environments

In the high-tech research and manufacturing world, existing contaminants of any measure can mean the difference between success and failure. As technology progresses and length scales shrink, vibration and noise are increasingly being viewed as contaminants in the research and manufacturing environment—rising in the ranks with particles, microbes and waterborne and airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs).


New Products.html

New Products

Product Spotlight Appare

Product Spotlight: Apparel

What you wear to work can say a lot about your success, and today's cleanroom applications demand apparel with ever-increasing protection against such combatants as dry particulate, static electricity, and hazardous materials.