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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 8


Dupont Buys White Knight

DuPont buys White Knight's non-woven line

White Knight Engineered Products, a manufacturer of reuseable and disposable textile products, has sold its non-woven apparel line to DuPont Nonwovens (Wilmington, Del.).

Sars Is Dog Ate My Lunch

SARS is dog-ate-my-lunch excuse

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has become the "dog-ate-my-lunch" excuse for semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturers suffering from soft market revenues, according to an official at Martin Capital Advisors LLP.

Cleanrooms China 2003 Re

CleanRooms China 2003 rescheduled to December

While travel restrictions have been lifted throughout Asia Pacific and Toronto where severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has come under control, ongoing global concerns as well as limited company travel have prompted the rescheduling of CleanRooms China 2003 from July to Dec. 12-13 at the Shanghai International Convention Center.

Boosting Iest Recognitio

Boosting IEST recognition is goal for newly elected contamination control VP

Gordon Ely has recently been elected technical vice president of contamination control, a post on the executive board of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST; Rolling Meadows, Ill.)



Rising Mems Use Spurs Gr

Rising MEMS use spurs growth in contamination control technology

For years, researchers developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have demonstrated working contraptions smaller than a grain of sand—work that has garnered more than just an academic interest.

Iowa Bioprocess Rolls Vi

Iowa Bioprocess rolls virtual reality unit

A new mobile virtual reality recruiting and training tool that models biotechnology fermentation is making its way around the Iowa countryside this fall in an effort to drive students to the state's new $4 million bioprocess training center.

Cleanrooms West Sheds Li

CleanRooms West sheds light on ESD and where the money goes

It's a question we ask ourselves regularly, and it's an issue that will be tackled in a conference session on designing and constructing controlled environments at CleanRooms West 2003, September 22-23, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Lighthouse Unveils 02 Mi

Lighthouse unveils 0.2-micron, handheld particle counter

In a rather surprising entrepreneurial shift that has the potential to significantly impact environmental monitoring in a gamut of industries, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, a longtime systems developer, has unveiled a handheld, 0.2-µm particle counter—an ultra-sensitive device that displays both cumulative and differential particle count data through an illuminated touch screen.



Just where does the isolator fit in?

In the recent article by Hank Rahe, published in the Life Science section of CleanRooms magazine, the author claims that secondary containment is a must when designing a contamination control system [March 2003, pg. 14].

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


What's this

As usual, my carry-on bag was bloated with analyst reports, predictions and prophecies gathered while racing to appointments with equipment manufacturers and contamination control thought leaders at SEMICON West 2003.


Standards are good, but are they essential?

The column "All standards are not created equal..." (CleanRooms, April 2003, pg. 11) only addresses a part of a much bigger issue. I dare say that not only are all standards not created equal, but some may not even be necessary.



New thinking on cleanroom air-flow modeling

Over the years, most semiconductor cleanrooms have been built with their air filters mounted in the ceiling—a configuration initially referred to as a vertical laminar flow (VLF) installation.

On The Beat

A cleanroom miracle

I was barely 18 when he plowed through the door of the Respite House, where I was interviewing for a part-time job working with the developmentally disabled.

Setting The Standard

Still waiting for the stampede to ISO 14644-1?

Hank Hogan recently wrote a news article for CleanRooms exploring the relatively slow pace of the changeover from Federal Standard (FS) 209E to the newer ISO 14644-1.


Next Generation Valve De

Next-generation valve design for copper CMP: Addressing agglomeration, shear forces, contamination and waste

Copper physical vapor deposition (PVD) seeding and subsequent fill by electroplating has become the process of choice for microchip fabrication.

Electrodeionization Is L

Electrodeionization is latest configuration for UPW ion exchange

Ion exchange (IE) columns and reverse osmosis (RO) stages are probably the most important steps in the treatment chain (filtration, degasification and sterilization are other typical operations) used to produce the ultrapure water (UPW) required by all semiconductor manufacturers.

Special Report

Displays go organic

The outlook for the flat panel display industry is anything but flat.


New Products.html

New Products

Product Spotlight


The quest for ever-cleaner operations has never been more focused, especially now that contamination control professionals are setting their sights on the molecular battlefield to combat airborne molecular contamination (AMC).