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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 7


Fda Drafts Kinder Gentle

FDA drafts kinder, gentler record-keeping guidelines

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yanked its proposed guidance on electronic record keeping, many thought their prayers had been answered.

Ductile Displays Yield F

Ductile displays yield flexible photolithography

What sounds like an all too familiar paperboy problem is actually the concept behind E Ink. Corp.'s flexible electronic-ink display screen, a giant step toward changing the way the world receives information and even how substrates are fabricated.

West 03 To Spotlight Cle

West '03 to spotlight

It's back to the basics for the CleanRooms West 2003 conference tracks, but that's not to say there's nothing new about the conference and exhibition that will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, Sept. 22-24.

Rising Fab Costs Likely

Rising fab costs likely to drive global R&D collaboration

With semiconductor fab costs increasing 15 percent a year and R&D expenses rising faster than 20 percent a year, Sematech President and CEO Michael Polcari predicts increasing globalization of research and development, with greater cooperation among research organizations and consortia over the next few years.



Forecasts Call For Modes

Forecasts call for modest growth in chip sales

As chip and microelectronics industry organizations scale back forecasts for industries already struggling to reduce costs and boost sales, Asia—China specifically—is continually being selected as the land of manufacturing opportunity, much to the chagrin of a U.S. Senator and presidential candidate.

Sars Presents Containmen

SARS presents containment, garment conundrum

Nurses caring for SARS patients here want garments ranging from facemasks to full-body "moon suits" at their disposal throughout all shifts, now that even well-protected hospital workers are still being infected with the deadly respiratory virus.

Competition For Biotech

Competition for biotech manufacturing becomes heated

From California to North Carolina and north through Pennsylvania and Massachussetts, economic development folks have gold in their eyes when the topic turns to biotechnology—and with good reason.



Confirming those gut instincts

No matter how skeptical you are about industry forecasts, the batch that hit the wires this past month has firmly solidified the gut instincts that many electronics manufacturing trend-watchers have had for a couple years.


Raise floor when needed

Michael Kopp (CleanRooms, May, 2003, pg. 34) mentions microelectronics and nanotechnology ISO Class 6 and cleaner rooms "usually require ceiling diffusers, and perforated floors above a return plenum space." This is usually called raised floors and is an excellent way to achieve true laminar flow across a room; however, it's not the usual way to return air unless it is in an ISO Class 4 or cleaner room.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


SEMI S14: A fire-risk management tool for end users, too

As a consultant conducting SEMI S14 fire risk assessments since its introduction in 2000, readers would expect me to actively promote the application of fire risk assessment to semiconductor equipment manufacturers.


Setting The Standard

Gas leak testing: balancing time and money with accuracy

Over the past two months, we considered the subject of leaks in high-purity gas systems.


A modest proposal: How about a cleanroom restroom?

Last month, I broached a potentially touchy subject of "cleanroom cystitis," or the documented higher incidence of urinary tract infections (UTI) among cleanroom workers compared to that of non-cleanroom workers at a semiconductor facility.1

Life Sciences

Pharma regulation: The more things change, the more they stay the same

Corporations are in a constant state of change, moving from one approach of managing business to another. Within regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, the relationships between regulators and the companies they regulate are a classic example of the old saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

On The Beat

Act locally, move to China?

There's something to be said for thinking globally by acting locally, but it seems the majority of chip and microelectronics manufacturers in the United States have misunderstood this fashionable phrase.


Guidelines To Protect Th

Guidelines to protect the value your cleanroom creates

In the mid-1990s, several semiconductor companies had fire losses totaling nearly $750 million. As a result, both the semiconductor industry and insurance companies realized the need to properly manage fire risk in this critical industry.

Special Report

Holistic ESD management

Like the actual phenomena of electrostatic discharge (ESD), the latest set of control tools is largely invisible.

Wipe Dry Wipe Clean New

Wipe dry, wipe clean: New wiper assessment tests emerge

While wipers and other consumable products are critical to the maintenance and function of an effective cleanroom environment, these products have the potential to contaminate the very environment they're meant to protect.


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