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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 5


Assay Method Aims At Cle

Assay method aims at cleaner space exploration, cleanrooms

To boldly, and cleanly, go where no man has gone before is NASA's new mission, now that a team of biotechnologists from the California Institute of Technology has discovered that assay measurement of intracellular adenosine triphophosphate (ATP) is a proven indicator of microbial contamination in cleanrooms.

New Tool Could End Filtr

New tool could end filtration guesswork

Take a basketball and attach it to the end of a diving board, and you've got a life-size version of a sub-micron tool that could eliminate the guess work in determining how to remove contamination from solutions and usher in a new age of filtration technology.

Millikens Ultra Clean Fa

Milliken's ultra clean facility churns out two new wipers

Within months of opening an ISO Class 1 cleanroom laundry—the final processing point for its cleanroom and automotive wipers—Milliken & Co. has unveiled two new products with the help of "technology partners" Asahi Kasei Corp. (Tokyo) and Freudenberg & Co. (Weinheim, Germany).

New Research Sheds Light

New research sheds light on multi-talented UV

Seeing the ultraviolet light can be done in more ways than one, for not only does it kill, but it can also carve and characterize.



The Dow Chemical Co. has signed an agreement to transfer its Intacta polyurethane glove business to Malaysia-based YTY Industry.

Asyst Solectron Forge Gr

Asyst, Solectron forge groundbreaking OEM deal

The opening of a new 16,000-square-foot cleanroom by Solectron Corp. subsidiary Shinei International to serve its new client, Asyst Technologies Inc.

Sars Hits Semi

SARS hits semi hotbed

Scientist and health officials worldwide are still contending with the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, while industries employing contamination control technology are battening down proverbial hatches, expecting the worse from a stormy plague that also threatens manufacturing and sales operations.

Hygiene Clean Production

Hygiene, clean production new themes for CleanRooms Europe 2003

Clean production and hygiene are two new main themes for CleanRooms Europe 2003, a conference and exhibition that will feature more than 180 contamination control technology manufacturers and retailers that will be held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre from June 16-18.

Pall Mykrolis Go To The

Pall, Mykrolis go to the mat

In early March, the East Hills, N.Y. purification technology developer was slapped with a lawsuit by Mykrolis Corp., a maker of liquid and gas delivery systems, charging that a fluid separation device manufactured by Pall infringes on two patents owned by Mykrolis.



Cleanroom design: It's never a one-size-fits-all proposition

Cleanrooms are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. If a room is under-designed, then expensive and time-consuming fixes may be required. And there is always the risk of distorted research data, economic losses and even catastrophic consequences due to compromised laboratory experiments, or from manufacturing contaminated products.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner

The cleanroom filter support system allows cleanroom filters, either HEPA or ULPA, to be installed and replaced easily with a grid of connectors (A) and rods (B) that are adjustable with a turnbuckle (C).


APC: Critical definitions for an advancing manufacturing community

There's a buzz surrounding the topic of advanced process controls (APC) in the semiconductor manufacturing community; and like many freshly evolving, technologically-based concepts, the terms and applications are almost constantly being re-engineered.


Life Sciences

Time for compounding pharmacies to incorporate proper validation

Validation is a way of life within the pharmaceutical industry. There is an absolute need to be assured that our facilities and processes are consistent and repeatable.


Static electricity: Understand it, fight it

Static electricity receives a lot of press in many diverse publications. Most of this publicity, however, is unfavorable, portraying static electricity as an objectionable condition that can often be hazardous to both product and personnel.

Setting The Standard

High purity gas systems: Small Leaks = Big Problems

When end users discuss high-purity gas systems, it's nearly impossible not to touch upon the considerable effort and expense required to install them. Designers, component manufacturers and installing contractors go to extraordinary lengths to minimize all potential sources of contamination in these systems.

On The Beat

Happy Birthday, Life!

It was just a simple black-and-white illustration, but the drawing of what looked like a twisted ladder will forever stitch life with its beautiful colors.


Automotive Paint Shops C

Automotive paint shops: Current realities, future trends

The automotive paint shop is responsible for providing a quality paint job to every vehicle while simultaneously managing the cost of the specialized paint materials as well as an array of environmental regulations for air quality.

Special Report

Time Vault

In a world brimming with technological advancements, it seems almost impossible that a thriving and growing industry can rely on tried and true methods that are in some cases decades old.

Apc The Next Frontier In

APC: The next frontier in wafer-level contamination control

The demand for advanced process control (APC) solutions continues to increase as the world's semiconductor manufacturing companies strive to improve process control, enhance yield and improve the efficiency of equipment utilization. The demand for advanced process control (APC) solutions continues to increase as the world's semiconductor manufacturing companies strive to improve process control, enhance yield and improve the efficiency of equipment utilization.


New Products.html

New Products

SweepZone Ag ultrasonic cleaning systems are manufactured with AgION anti-microbial-coated stainless steel from AK Coatings. The AgION compound is applied to the steel to suppress the growth and migration of bacteria and other microorganisms.