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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 11



Biosensor system helps detect pathogens cleanly, rapidly

Biosensor technology developed at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is being incorporated in a contamination-controlled laptop veterinary diagnostic system now under development by Seahawk Biosystems Corp.


Wireless system measures photomask processes

A wireless sensor-on-a-plate is giving photomask makers a view inside the manufacturing process, letting them solve critical dimension challenges without work disruption or the need for manual modifications.


Technology purifies organic materials

A proprietary membrane-based filtration module that removes contaminants and separates unwanted molecules in polymer and solvent solutions is designed to provide a more cost-effective and efficient method for purifying organic materials used in high-tech manufacturing.


FDA proposes tougher shell egg safety

An estimated 118,000 illnesses per year are caused by consumption of shell eggs contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria.




Millipore boosts ultrafiltration production

A 44,000-square-foot membrane casting manufacturing facility, designed to increase production of Millipore Corp.'s ultrafiltration (UF) membranes for biopharmaceutical markets, is now in operation next to the company's existing device plant here.


Process-friendly technology inactivates prions on critical healthcare, pharmaceutical surfaces

Anti-prion processes developed by STERIS Corp. ( have been found to inactivate deadly prions that can lead to fatal illnesses in humans and animals.


Wafer measurement technology reduces contamination risks

CyberOptics Semiconductor ( has introduced WaferSense ALS technology, designed to provide real-time measurement data to fab managers and engineers without having to shut down process equipment to take measurements.


Better chips need purer gases

Recent announcements from Pall Microelectronics, a part of Pall Corp. (East Hills, N.Y.;, and Mykrolis Corp. (Billerica, Mass.; may portend a time when gas filters and purifiers are the same device, and when cleanroom air itself is purified, as well as filtered, to control contamination.


Chiron loss hammers home critical contamination control

After discovering serratia marcescens bacterial contamination in what it claims was a "limited number of lots" of its Fluvirin flu vaccine late this summer, Chiron Corp. ( quarantined the approximately 46 million doses manufactured at its Liverpool facility and began an investigation into the cause of the contamination.



Bigger isn't always better. Smallest isn't always best. Standard isn't for everyone

$3, $5, even $10B. These are the astronomical numbers being cited for the next generation of semiconductor megafabs.


Setting The Standard

The need for lighting equipment performance standards

A high percentage of existing cleanrooms are outfitted with lighting equipment that is not effectively sealed against leakage.


Special Report

CMOs in the forefront of contamination control

Pharmaceutical outsourcing taps the expertise and flexibility of contract manufacturing organizations

Know Whats In Your Clean

Know what's in your cleanroom wipers

How much contamination does a wiper create and how well does it wipe? This two-part article arms users with the essential information to make the best wiper choice


New Literature

New Literature

New Products

New Products

Product Spotlight

Modular Cleanrooms

Modular hardwall and softwall cleanrooms can be found in industries ranging from precision manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical and biological to semiconductor, aerospace and food processing.