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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 8



Ultra-pure sterilant eyed for expanded biotech, pharmaceutical use

A widely used water purification sterilant has been granted expanded Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval, from liquid form to fogging, providing new and more effective means to quell contamination in critical biotech and pharmaceutical processes.




X-ray system detects packaging contamination

Process automation systems designer Key Technology ( is joining forces with package inspection systems provider Peco Controls Corp. (Fremont, Calif.; to form InspX, a new company that seeks to strengthen contamination control in the packaging lines of food and drug processing plants.


Non-toxic treatment system may be cost-effective method to combat stormwater bacteria

Working jointly with Coastal Carolina University to identify drainage areas here with significant bacteria counts following storm events, Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd. (IET; is proposing its EcaFlo technology as a solution to quickly killing fecal coliform bacteria.


Developmental fabs tackle unique contamination issues

When it comes to manufacturing, the philosophy at Matrix Semiconductor Inc. ( is there's nothing new in the process.


Filter advance targets 193-nm processes

Designed as the primary filtration system on the latest generation of 193-nanometer (nm) step-and-scan lithography tools Extraction's ex2600 features the company's proprietary hybrid chemical filter media in a smaller footprint.


Biotech firm adds virology biosafety lab

Commonwealth Biotechnologies Inc. (CBI;, known for its research and development in biodefense and bioterrorism technology...


Air Liquide acquires microcontamination lab

Analytical Services Group (ASG), a laboratory recognized for solving microcontamination issues and characterizing unknown materials, has been acquired by Air Liquide America ( and relocated within the new cleanroom facility at its Balazs Analytical Services lab here.


Researchers urge filtration to halt hospital waterborne pathogens

Following a recent study on prevention of pathogens in healthcare facility water systems, Janet Stout, Ph.D., director of special pathogens laboratory at the Veterans Administration (VA) Healthcare System, is urging hospitals to consider point-of-use filtration to eliminate waterborne infections such as Legionella.


Waterborne pathogen system speeds results in real time

The use of chemical treatments, most notably chlorine, as well as filtration and other techniques clean up water and remove potentially harmful pathogens and other contaminants.


Filter design sifts deadly prions from blood supply

For the second time this summer, a major advance has been unveiled in the battle against infectious prions associated with Mad Cow Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD).



Summer fun

Frequently, when I tell people that I work for a magazine called CleanRooms, the reaction is a curious stare.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Finding The Perfect Part

Finding the perfect partner

A quality design/build firm uses close communication and a variety of resources to make sure the finished product is not a surprise


Life Sciences

USP 797: Contamination sources—control and remediation

Even the most excellent compounding room design cannot compensate for the one factor that has the greatest impact on a controlled environment—the human factor.


Approximating Facilities

Approximating facilities costs

To be ultimately profitable, pharmaceutical R&D and biopharmaceutical facilities design must incorporate detailed expense analysis

Special Report

Cleanrooms shocked by ESD impact

As technologies shrink, even low-voltage static events can cause contamination


New Products

New Products

Product Spotlight

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