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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 6


Extraction Systems Looks

Extraction Systems looks to capitalize on market opportunity

Extraction Systems Inc. (, a provider of molecular contamination control and measurement products, recently doubled its manufacturing capacity at its headquarters here in anticipation of a market upswing and changes in the competitive landscape.

Finally Everything Is St

Finally, everything is starting to look just 'fab' for industry

It's spring, and in the cleanroom industry, everything's coming up 'fab' after several years of being drab.

Pall To Appeal Initial I

Pall to appeal initial injunction on filter patent

Pall Corp. ( is appealing a recent ruling by the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, which issued an order in favor of Mykrolis Corp. (Billerica, Mass.; on its motion for a preliminary injunction to stop Pall Corp. from manufacturing and selling its PhotoKleen EZD-2 Filter Assembly products.

In Search Of Food Borne

In search of food-borne pathogens via filtration

A collaborative work between separations technology vendor Whatman, Inc. ( and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA; seeks to devise a faster and more accurate method of detecting food-borne pathogens by using size-exclusion filtration in combination with Whatman's proprietary FTA filter technology.



Intel Upgrading 200 Mm A

Intel upgrading 200-mm Arizona fab to 300-mm by using clean construction

Intel Corporation ( has begun a $2 billion "clean construction" project to convert a 200-mm fabrication facility to a state-of-the-art 300-mm facility here.

Advances Target Health C

Advances target health care pathogens

A strategic alliance between two infection prevention companies, and an EPA approval for a pioneering antimicrobial technology have quickened the pace to combat health care-related infections and pathogens.

Clean Manufacturing Keys

Clean manufacturing keys 'chilling' advance in neurosurgery practice

Medical device innovator Seacoast Technologies Inc. ( has announced the first human application of its ChillerStrip product used to create localized profound hypothermia during brain aneurysm surgery.


China's cleanrooms advance

Horace Greeley's famous dictum about going west might be reversed today, at least as far as cleanrooms are concerned.


Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Getting reorganized

Well, I'm officially on the job for a week. And, first of all, it's great to be back and to begin reconnecting with many of my old contamination control industry friends. There's also a lot to do and no time to waste.


Life Sciences

USP 797: Sterile compounding and room design

Health care organizations that compound sterile formulations are getting a head start on compliance with the USP 797 guidelines, courtesy of the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations).


Contamination Control A

Contamination control a key element in automobile painting integrity

Whether on the new-auto assembly line or in a retrofit shop, a paint booth requires contamination-control techniques and technologies that ensure a flawless, finished product.

Taking Disposable Proces

Taking disposable processing to the next level

A recent innovation extends the cost, labor and safety benefits of disposable processing to critical clarification and pre-filtration steps used in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Special Report

What you can't see could cost you millions

An effective fight against airborne contaminants requires a combination of filters, purifiers and monitors.


New Products

New Products

Product Spotlight

Wafer Carriers

From robotic arms to FOUPs and tweezers, semiconductor automation processes are more than just individual wafer-handling components—they're even becoming a unified wafer management solution.