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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 5



NEWS particles

Two Researchers Unveil S

Two researchers unveil springboard to new particle detection systems

Rashid Bashir, a Purdue University associate professor of electrical and biomedical engineering, recently unveiled a technique that could provide a springboard—literally—to new particle detection systems.

Sematech Texas Form Cent

Sematech, Texas form center for next-gen semiconductor research

The late March announcement of the creation of the Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC) here marked a $40 million down payment on a $200 million promise from Texas Governor Rick Perry to the semiconductor research consortium, Sematech, Inc.

John Haystead Named New

John Haystead named new CleanRooms editor

John Haystead, most recently chief editor of Pharm Tech magazine, an Advanstar publication, has been named new chief editor for CleanRooms.

Titania Nanotube Arrays

Titania nanotube arrays promise self-cleaning, hydrogen-sensing ability

Scientists at Penn State University have demonstrated the hydrogen-sensing and self-cleaning capabilities of cost-effective titania nanotube arrays—a technology that could provide a two-fold benefit for cleanrooms and have a profound affect on both hydrogen sensing and contamination control.


ISO releases final draft of separative devices standard

When the ISO Technical Committee 209, ISO/TC 209, sat down to hammer out a draft standard on separative devices, the members—some from the semiconductor side and some from the life science side—immediately concluded that their needs were unique.

Sia To Pick Cancer Study

SIA to pick cancer study contractor by end of the year

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) says a contractor will be in place by the end of the year to conduct a retrospective epidemiological cancer study among U.S. chip fabrication employees.


Setting The Standard

Cleanroom ergonomic seating fills many roles setting the standard

Properly designed seating fills a multifaceted role in a cleanroom. Ergonomic chairs provide comfort and support for workers, helping them stay productive.


Improving Production Mai

Improving production, maintaining GMPs with a revamped purified water system

A drug manufacturer meets growing production and purity demands by using bead and crevice–free fusion technology to build upon existing polyvinylidene fluoride piping

Controlling Electrostati

Controlling electrostatic contamination in cleanroom manufacturing

Eliminating static charge in high technology and life science applications results in improved yield and quality, and lower costs for maintenance and rework

Special Report

Stopped at the border

A separate nanotechnology clean area captures two contrasting cleanroom processes.



Beyond utilitarian

Texas A&M University's new lab designed to entice top talent

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Product Spotlight

ESD abatement

No matter where you sit, stand or walk, or what you wear in a critical cleanroom environment, eliminating electrostatic discharge is a crucial consideration. To eliminate shocking results, check out this sampling of recent ESD abatement products.

New Products

New Products