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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 4


Nikon Building Worldwide

Nikon building worldwide training center in California

In what may be a sign of better times ahead, Nikon Precision Inc. (Belmont, Calif.) has announced it will build a worldwide training center aimed at meeting demand from English-speaking countries.

Modular Solutions Get A

Modular solutions get a new life

When Clestra Cleanroom SA ceased North American operations in December 2002, is was bad news for the French company's customers who were left without a supplier of modular cleanroom walls and ceilings.



Cleanpak Expands To Chin

Cleanpak expands to China by acquiring cleanroom manufacturing company

Cleanpak International Inc., a cleanroom and air-handling equipment supplier, has expanded to China by acquiring Nanjing Purification Factory (NPF), a cleanroom manufacturing and construction company owned by Nanjing Electrical Machinery and Industrial Group (NEMIG).

Carnegie Mellons Nano Fa

Carnegie Mellon's nano-facility a solid option for the fabless

Bridge Semiconductors is one of many tech start-ups that has chosen to go fabless, thanks to Carnegie Mellon University's Nanofabrication Facility.


A $4,000 fix for a million-dollar problem

Cliff Purington, head of training at Rockwell Collins, estimates that CD-based training modules have cut training times down to a third of what it took in the traditional mentoring model, and have eliminated the need for experts to take time off the job for training.

Ibm Cleanroom Cancer Bir

IBM cleanroom cancer, birth defect challenges are far from over

The score is tied up; IBM Corp. has two and so do the plaintiffs, but the ongoing cleanroom cancer and birth-defect blame game is far from over, with more than 200 cases around country that have yet to be heard by a judge and jury.


Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Preventing cleanroom contamination from fire

One of the most important aspects of operating a cleanroom environment is the effort taken to maintain its integrity.


Gruesome irony

Intel Corp. is on it. So is Advanced Micro Devices Inc. National Semiconductor Corp., too. And it is no surprise that IBM Corp., the chipmaker up to its circuits in cancer and birth defect lawsuits, has spent some time on the Superfund list—a cellblock for the nation's worst offenders of environmental health and safety.


Life Sciences

USP 797: The net effect

The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) guideline governing pharmaceutical compounding and sterile preparations has recently been under review and modification.


IBM, others fail to understand vapor migration

As founder and CEO of Clean Room Engineering, I spent over 30 years designing and installing hundreds of cleanrooms.

Setting The Standard

Incorporating cleanroom practices in a management program

The cleanroom industry turns to three main sources for standards and best practices in cleanroom management: the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST).


Special Report

Jousting for position

Both sides in the cleanroom health and safety issue are digging in, and with convincing arguments.

High Yield Manufacturing

High-yield manufacturing: Particle monitoring in minienvironments

Continuous particle monitoring inside minienvironments improves wafer yield but requires new monitoring tactics

Slurry Flow Control Impr

Slurry flow control: Improving yield rates on existing CMP tools

How to get better results by improving materials integrity management and reducing wafer failures due to CMP slurry flow issues.


New Products

New Products

Product Spotlight


Added comfort and skin health, flexibility for use in the most critical environments, and powder-free manufacturing are among the biggest factors to consider when purchasing gloves for your contamination-control applications. Here are some of the latest glove products to have been introduced in recent months.