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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 3


Jensen Corp A Fitting Ac

Jensen Corp.: A fitting acquisition for Swagelok

When Jensen Fittings Corp. was sold to Swagelok Co. in January 2001, the purchase of the sanitary fitting and component maker may have been regarded in one of two ways—just another deal in the merger-acquisition trend or a transaction that allowed an autonomous life sciences-based firm to go global and a fluid components manufacturer to diversify even further.

Fedex Aims To Keep Paren

FedEx aims to keep parenterals truckin'

FedEx Corp., a global provider of transportation, e-commerce and supply chain management services, is now offering parenteral drug manufacturers a way to ship temperature-sensitive products.

Semiconductor Industry R

Semiconductor industry ready to take 193-nanometer plunge

Less than a month into 2004, semiconductor industry representatives have decided that the end of the decade should be all wet.

Merck Sells Vwr For 168

Merck sells VWR for $1.68 billion

In a move designed to allow greater focus on its core businesses of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, Merck KgaAa has sold its cleanroom and contamination-control product distribution business, VWR International, for $1.68 billion to a private equity firm.

Semiconductor Manufactur

Semiconductor manufacturers weigh 'dense pack' retrofitting

Microchips are getting smaller and circuits more efficient at an amazingly rapid rate.

Isolation Scheme May Cou

Isolation scheme may counter bioterrorists

Steve Wood, chief of emergency preparedness for San Diego County in southern California, is doing what he can to be ready for a bioterrorist attack—or, a plane load of unlucky passengers.



More Bread Sought For Na

More bread sought for nation's food security strategy

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking an increase of $65 million for fiscal year 2005 to boost its food security activities—part of a new interdepartmental program for the defense of the nation's food supply.


Training trouble sparks call to action

Editor's note: This article is the first in a two-part series on how customized computer-based courses, called QuickLearns, have revolutionized the way knowledge is transferred at manufacturing plants.

Pms Acquires Molecular A

PMS acquires Molecular Analytics

As micro- and molecular-contamination continue to be growing concerns in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, technologies that combat such threats to processes are gaining greater market acceptance, yielding solid growth—and, most recently a collaboration to the tune of an acquisition.

Ibm Defense Cleanrooms H

IBM defense: cleanrooms had adequate ventilation, no chemical over-exposure

William R. Acorn, a Tucson, Ariz.-based HVAC expert, testified in the ongoing cleanroom cancer trial that IBM Corp.'s disk drive plant in San Jose was adequately ventilated, contradicting prior testimony from a plaintiff witness who said the entire facility was negatively pressurized, causing controlled environments to be starved of fresh air.


Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Political science at its worst

Recently, 60 of the nation's leading scientists, 20 of whom are Nobel Laureates, charged that the Bush Administration manipulated and censored science by "suppressing, distorting and manipulating the work done by scientists at federal agencies."


Life Sciences

How will new USP regulations impact the pharmacy?

That United States Pharmacopeia (USP) regulatory storm you heard brewing for the past five years has finally broken in the form of a number of new regulations and guidelines becoming effective this year.


Decommissioning: Five critical steps to minimize risk and cost

When I walked into the SEMI Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) European Standards Meeting at a recent SEMICON Europa, I already knew there was considerable global interest in the safe decommissioning and decontamination of cleanroom manufacturing facilities.


An Argument For Increase

An argument for increased automation in the life sciences industry

The myriad of highly detailed and repetitive process steps should be enough to justify pursuing an automated cleanroom solution. Now, how do you do it?

Monitoring Isolators And

Monitoring isolators and cleanrooms for biocontamination

Recent testing shows new findings from air sampling with antimicrobial agents

Compliance Is Just A Cli

Compliance is just a click away

Electronic records and 21 CFR Part 11 are here to stay. Here's what it all means for your paperless environmental monitoring system

Ten Tips For Cleanroom E

Ten tips for cleanroom energy efficiency

Significant energy savings potential exists in most cleanroom facilities in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), process cooling, compressed air, and other utilities.

Special Report

Actions are speaking loudly

The FDA is making meaningful internal changes so that pharmaceutical manufacturers can move into the 21st century


Product Spotlight

Particle Counters

Worldwide growth in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, plus a move toward global adaptation of ISO standards, make the particle counter an increasingly important tool for contamination control.

New Products

Innovative Products