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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 1



IEST technical info used in SARS research

The Journal of the IEST, published for nearly 50 years by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), included topical technical information in its recently published 2003 edition, which was used in ongoing research on the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic.


Day one of East/PDA Summit will be a solid primer

leanroom planning and construction, a comprehensive review of worldwide standards and an essential revisit of the basics sums up day one of the CleanRooms East/PDA SciTech Summit, which will be held here at the Orange County Convention Center from March 8-12.




Japan, Korea will see strongest growth in chip equipment sales surge

Leading manufacturers of semiconductor equipment expected sales to increase in 2003 to $21.4 billion—more than eight percent above the $19.8 billion in sales posted in 2002, according to the year-end edition of the Capital Equipment Consensus Forecast, released by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (San Jose, Calif.).


Tissue bank employs gamma irradiation

Hoping to prevent the same compliance and contamination issues that have plagued the company for more than two years, CryoLife Inc., the nation's largest supplier of living human tissue, has employed a patented technology that will minimize pathogens in donor tissue.


Following break, case heats up again

After slogging through more than a month of expert testimony and sometimes dramatic legal proceedings, jurors in the ongoing trial against the IBM Corp. (Armonk, N.Y.) and several chemical companies took a two-week break for Christmas.


USP releases sterile compounding regulations

Using syringes free of contamination to transfer sterile drugs and manually measuring and mixing no more than three products to compound drug admixtures and nutritional solutions must be done in an air quality of ISO Class 5 or better, according to newly released guidelines from the United States Pharmacopeia.


Expert says no fresh air provided in IBM cleanrooms

Robert Morris likened the IBM Corp. cleanrooms where James Moore and Alida Hernandez worked to an unfiltered and untreated swimming pool where as many who had swam had urinated.


Duckweed flourishes as cleanroom cash crop

What's green, grainy and grows in a cleanroom?



Never assume the level of your understanding

There's one thing I learned very quickly many years ago when I took over the editorial reins of my first publication—never assume that your entire readership is working on the same level of understanding.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner


Biotech start-up? Don't design for the long-term

Start-up companies and researchers in fast-growing biotech areas like metro Washington D.C., San Francisco, Raleigh-Durham and Boston are turning to labs that are the research equivalent of a brown-bag lunch???utilitarian, but basic.


On The Beat

It's about the people

It was the place to work. After all, it was Big Blue—the kind of employer that would provide a nice, fat pension after 30 years of service.


It's time to reclaim and reuse cleanroom consumables

Generally, capital costs and labor expenditures dominate the operating costs of most cleanroom manufacturing operations.


Using Semi F57 Complianc

Using SEMI F57 compliance to improve semiconductor fluid-handling systems

Gaining SEMI F57 compliance can help reduce commissioning time of fluid-handling systems, improve wafer yields, increase semiconductor equipment life and round off your contamination-control program

Guidelines And Considera

Guidelines and considerations for emerging AMC control

Molecular contamination has made its way into the cleanroom management vernacular; now it's time to put a smart control system into action. Here's how it's done.

Special Report

Is medical device manufacturing finally coming clean?

The trend toward smaller and less invasive devices will call for stricter contamination control. It could be time to take a page out of the semiconductor playbook.


New Products

New Products

Product Spotlight

Fan filter units

Fan filter units—FFUs—are typically placed in ceiling grids (but some can be installed on walls) to create precision airflow in a cleanroom or minienvironment.