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Solid State Technology

Year 2005
Issue 10



Collaborative systems could boost drug development cycle

A report recently released by the Association of American Medical Colleges, in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration, calls for new and increased collaboration among pharmaceutical companies, academia, and regulators to help overcome obstacles to developing innovative diagnostics and therapeutics.


Puerto Rico conference delivers essentials of bio/pharma cleanroom design and operation

The essentials of designing, constructing, qualifying and operating a pharmaceutical cleanroom will be presented by internationally recognized contamination-control expert Dr. Hans Schicht at CleanRooms Puerto Rico, November 17, at the Wyndham Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino.



News snippets from the world of contamination control.


Contamination-control issues far-reaching with new lab-on-a-chip developments

The potential for in-body and out-of-body applications for lab-on-a-chip technology is raising two entirely different kinds of contamination-control issues.


PDA teams with audit service provider

The Parenteral Drug Association is partnering with third-party pharmaceutical supply chain operations auditor SynTegra LLC to streamline and manage the association’s virtual Audit Resource Center.


Chiron manufacturing improvements please FDA but may delay vaccine

Corrections to contamination-control issues that halted vaccine production last fall at Chiron Corp.’s Liverpool, U.K., facility are being met with general approval by the Food and Drug Administration, but it remains to be seen whether the manufacturer can fully satisfy regulatory requirements in time for the upcoming flu season.


University cleanroom gains chip-scale technology

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Office of Electronic Miniaturization at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has partnered with Tessera Technologies to use the company’s MicroBGA chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology for developing regional enterprise and government projects requiring reliable, industry-proven semiconductor packaging capabilities.


Semi cleanrooms getting the lead out

Semiconductor makers and tool suppliers, as well as cleanroom builders and operators, are beginning to understand the implications of what it will mean to “think green” in the near future.


Life Sciences

USP 797: A work in progress-Part 2

Facilities requiring compliance with USP 797 can be placed into two broad categories: a cleanroom that supports higher air quality environments such as clean benches and biological safety cabinets; and barrier isolators, which are not required to be placed into a cleanroom.

Your Market Analysis

Pharmaceutical cleanroom trends

The pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry is the second largest consumer of cleanroom space.

From The Editor

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Setting The Standard

IEST-RP-CC028.1: Minienvironments

This Recommended Practice (RP) published by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) is considered essential for individuals in industries that might benefit from the use of localized, enhanced contamination control.



Assessing the suitability of material pairings for cleanroom applications

The processes resulting in the emission of particles from production utilities are those of friction and vibration.


Exhaust duct material considerations for life-science manufacturing plants

The ever-changing body of rules and regulations governing operations of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry has required flexibility and adjustment of production facilities in order to comply with current and even proposed mandates.

Special Report

Food plant contamination: What you can’t see can kill you

Controlling bacteria is a top priority for food processors waging the war against foodborne illness. Devising an effective strategy-which will vary by product-is half the battle.


New Products


Each month, Cleanrooms brings you a collection of the latest product innovations in the contamination-control industry.

Product Spotlight

Cleanroom design/architecture

Building or renovating cleanroom space requires careful consideration of many factors and requirements, including airflow, temperature, humidity, and personnel interaction to name a few. Preplanning is crucial to a successful cleanroom project, which is why consulting with experienced design experts may be a wise idea. To help get you started, this month we’ve compiled a selection of highly qualified architecture firms specializing in the design and construction of cleanroom space.