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Solid State Technology

Year 2005
Issue 2


Cleanzone Nanotechnology

CleanZone: Nanotechnology leaders reveal design, development opportunities

BOSTON, Mass.-Contamination control design issues for advanced research facilities, plus opportunities for cooperative nanotechnology development, will be the themes of two featured presentations at the CleanRooms Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference & Exhibition, Wednesday, March 23, at The World Trade Center in Boston.

New Iso Standard Defines

New ISO standard defines design criteria for separative devices

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.-In hopes of defining how separative devices differ from a cleanroom, ISO 14644-7, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments-Part 7: Separative devices (clean air hoods, gloveboxes, isolators, and minienvironments), specifies the minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, testing, and approval of separative devices for use across a variety of industries.



FREMONT, Calif.-Mattson Technology (, a supplier of semiconductor wafer processing equipment, will collaborate with Asyst Technologies (, combining Asyst's Spartan Portal-an automated atmospheric equipment front-end module (EFEM)-with Mattson's advanced manufacturing equipment.

Diminishing Defects In E

Diminishing defects in EUV lithography boost hopes for small manufacturing

ALBANY, N.Y.- Sematech North has produced extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask blanks with as few as one 80-nanometer (nm) or larger defect per mask. The 0.005 defect per square centimeter achievement was accomplished through rigorous contamination control and defect reduction

Enforcement Education Se

Enforcement, education seen as keys to preventing biolab contamination

City of Boston and Boston University officials are determined to improve monitoring of research taking place at the university’s biosafety labs, in the wake of a contamination incident last spring that infected three researchers.


Special Report

Tissue engineering poses unique contamination control challenges

Because of the vulnerability and short shelf life of harvested human tissue, isolation is one of the key strategies for ensuring its sterility


Pure steam and water for injection in the pharmaceutical industry

The most common procedures for the production of water for injection and pure steam and their application in the pharmaceutical industry


From the Editor: Sound and safe science

Most of the time when we talk about contamination control and cleanrooms, we largely focus on issues of product protection, product yield, and bottom line production costs.


Purification of trace amount of metal impurity from ultrapure water using membrane purifier/filter

The metal removal performance of two IE membranes are evaluated and compared under practical conditions


Cponference At A Glance.


Schedule and Floor plan.

Contamination Control Te

Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference & Exhibition 2005

Multiple industries. All the expertise. One show.

Exhibitors Showcase.html

Exhibitors Showcase

TThis year's Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference & Exhibition promises to be a fantastic event. Here is a sampling of the companies, exhibits and demonstrations you can expect to see in Boston this March.


New Products.html

New Products

New Products

Product Spotlight.html

Product Spotlight

Wipers are essential for cleaning critical surfaces in the cleanroom, and with today’s strict contamination control regulations, it’s important to know what products are available to meet your cleanroom needs.