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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 2


Compounding Corner

A firsthand look at successful USP 797 compliance

The pharmacy services department of Brigham and Women’s Hoa comprehensive USP <797> compliance program, the experiences of which stand to greatly benefit spital (BWH), a major urban hospital in Boston, MA, has initiated many other hospital pharmacy facilities and managers.

Your Market Analysis

World market for AMC control

Airborne molecular contamination (AMC) is non-particulate chemical contamination in the form of vapors or aerosols that has a detrimental effect on a product or process. The need for AMC control in cleanrooms continues to grow as technology advances.

From The Editor

We call it the cleanroom question

Last month I spoke about the relative role of tool manufacturers in the quest for efficient contamination control in the manufacture of ever more sensitive microelectronics.

Setting The Standard

Update on ISO nanotechnology standards activities

In 2005, Technical Committee (TC) 229, Nanotechnologies (ISO/TC 229), was established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the British Standards Institute (BSI) serving as the secretariat and Dr. Peter Hatto of the United Kingdom as the chairman.


Contamination Control Ev

Contamination control event offers USP 797 seminar

ESTECH, the IEST’s 53rd annual technical meeting and exposition, will take place April 29-May 2 at the Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Ispe Releases Water And

ISPE releases water and steam guide

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) has released its latest technical publication, ISPE Good Practice Guide: Commissioning and Qualification of Pharmaceutical Water and Steam Systems.

New Lithography Strategy

New lithography strategy could double contamination challenge

When it comes to next-generation lithography, the semiconductor industry may be doing a double take-and that could mean double duty for contamination control.

Applied Mechanical Acqui

Applied Mechanical acquires cleanroom certification company

Applied Mechanical Corporation (Austin, TX), provider of outsourced technical, engineering and project management services to the semiconductor industry, has announced its acquisition of Phoenix-based Cleanroom Sciences (CRS).

Growing Demand For Optic

Growing demand for optical, automotive and medical products spurs Fabrinet expansion

Fabrinet, provider of manufacturing services for complex optical components, recently announced that its third and latest factory, completed in Nov 2005, is near capacity.



News snippets from the world of contamination control.


Cip Systems Critical To

CIP systems critical to validatable, cost-effective cleaning

Clean-in-place, commonly referred to as CIP, is an automated method of cleaning processing equipment without disassembly using validated procedures.


Environmental control systems and their use in cleanroom applications

Every cleanroom or special environment utilizes some type of control system to operate the mechanical equipment that maintains the environment.

Special Report

Facility Design Critical to Food Safety

A few years ago, members from across the food industry did something radical: They set aside competition and worked together to find better ways to battle contamination in food processing facilities.


New Products

New Products

Each month, Cleanrooms brings you a collection of the latest product innovations in the contamination control industry.

Product Spotlight


Pass-throughs specifically designed for clean processing environments can help prevent contamination events from occurring as a result of the transfer of product or equipment from one area to another.