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Solid State Technology

Year 2014
Issue 3



New materials and processes for advanced interconnects

Although on-chip interconnects have not been scaling at the same speed as other parts of the chip, new capabilities enabled by graphene and CNTs, among other materials, could soon change that.


In-line high-K/metal gate monitoring using picosecond ultrasonics

Only a direct measurement of SRAM structures can represent true variations of metal gate height due to CMP process and is strongly affected by the design and layout of pattern, including pattern density, dummy design, and spacing.

3D Batteries

Towards all solid-state 3D thin-film batteries for durable and fast storage

One way to make Li-ion batteries more durable, safer, smaller and in particularly faster, is a transition towards all solid-state 3D thin-film Li-ion batteries.


Flat panel displays get flexible

Flexible displays is a technological field that has been in R&D and pre-commercial development for several years, but what needs to happen to make volume production a reality, in areas including substrates, materials and production processes?


3D EDA brings together proven 2D solutions

With anticipated economic limits to the continuation of Moore’s Law now on the horizon, it seems that moving into the 3rd dimension (3D) by stacking multiple layers of integrated circuits (IC) will be the ultimate expression of CMOS technology.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung join forces on 14nm finFETs

Fabless companies could skip the 20nm node and move straight to 14nm FinFETs. That is the hope of GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung who are announcing a joint program that offers a single process design kit (PDK) and manufacturing at four different fabs with identical processes.

Samsung introduces new flip chip LED packages

Samsung today introduced a new lineup of flip chip LED packages and modules offering enhanced design flexibility and a high degree of reliability.

Scientists build thinnest-possible LEDs to be stronger, more energy efficient

As devices get smaller and faster, there is more demand for such semiconductors that are tinier, stronger and more energy efficient.



What’s new in the latest ITRS

The newly revamped International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors was released in early April. It’s actually called the 2013 ITRS, which makes it seem already out of date, but that’s the way the numbering has always been.


Highlights from the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference

The annual IMAPS Device Packaging Conference in Ft McDowell AZ is always a source for the latest packaging information.


Will interconnect manufacturing requirements cramp Moore's Law's style?

The recent years have seen considerable contention in the semiconductor industry on whether Moore’s Law is alive and well.

Industry Forum

Domestic outsourcing: A key component in successful reshoring

After nearly a quarter of a century, the off-shoring manufacturing trend that decimated the U.S. manufacturing sector and played a significant role in the slow pace of the current economic recovery seems to be ending.