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Solid State Technology

Year 2015
Issue 1


Technology Trends

2015 outlook: Tech trends and drivers

Leading industry experts provide their perspectives on what to expect in 2015. 3D devices and 3D integration, rising process complexity and “big data” are among the hot topics.

Business News

Underdog DRAM

DRAM shifts out of a slump, but sector still faces obstacles.


Processing of graphene on 300mm Si wafers in a state-of-the-art CMOS fabrication facility

The building blocks are described that can be used to fabricate other novel device architectures that can take advantage of the unique properties of graphene or other interesting single-layer (i.e., 2D) materials.

Vacuum Pumps

Improving the reliability of dry vacuum pumps in high-k ALD processes

Design features that contributed most to the improved performance include increased rotational speed, integrated rotor sleeves, and increased purge injection temperature.

Process Watch

Process Watch: Fab managers don’t like surprises

Nobody likes surprises - especially the managers of $10 billion factories.

Measurement And Test

Techniques for simplifying pulsed measurements: Part 1

Pulsed measurements are defined in Part 1, and common pulsed measurement challenges are discussed in Part 2.


Global semiconductor market set for strongest growth in four years in 2014

Worldwide semiconductor market revenue is on track to achieve a 9.4 percent expansion this year, with broad-based growth across multiple chip segments driving the best industry performance since 2010.

What’s next for MEMS?

The proliferation of sensors into high volume consumer markets, and into the emerging Internet of Things, is driving the MEMS market to maturity, with a developed ecosystem to ease use and grow applications. But it is also bringing plenty of demands for new technologies, and changes in how companies will compete.

Semiconductor equipment sales forecast: $38B in 2014 to nearly $44B in 2015

SEMI projects that worldwide sales of new semiconductor manufacturing equipment will increase 19.3 percent to $38.0 billion in 2014, according to the SEMI Year-end Forecast, released today at the annual SEMICON Japan exposition.



Reframing the Roadmap: ITRS 2.0

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor (ITRS) is being reframed to focus more on end applications, such as smartphones and micro-servers.


Thermal performance of 3DICs

3DICs are assumed to suffer from stronger thermal issues when compared to equivalent implementations in traditional single-die integration technologies.


Solid doping for bulk finFETs

In another example of the old one-liner that “all that is old is new again,” the old technique of solid-source doping is being used by Intel for a critical process step in so-called “14nm node” finFET manufacturing.

Industry Forum

Security should not be hard to implement

Data is ubiquitous today. It is generated, exchanged and consumed at unprecedented rates.