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Solid State Technology

Year 2015
Issue 3



ITRS 2.0: Heterogeneous integration

Interconnecting transistors and other components in the IC, in the package, on the printed circuit board and at the system and global network level, are where the future limitations in performance, power, latency and cost reside.


Enhanced thermal management solutions for RF power amplifiers

Synthetic diamond heat spreaders and GaN-on-Diamond wafers have emerged as a leading thermal- management technology for RF Power Amplifiers.

Materials Research

Understanding the structural and optical properties of silicon nitride

Using first-principles calculations, the electronic structures and optical properties that arise on doping-atom-containing silicon nitride systems are reported as a function of dielectric constant, reflectivity, absorption and loss spectra.


Visualizing formation in BEOL

New tests show in real-time that cracks can run on top of and through metal layers.

Process Watch

Process Watch: Know your enemy

Anything that degrades the quality of the measurement also degrades the quality of the process because it introduces more variability into the Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts which are windows into the health of the process.


Freescale and NXP agree to $40 Billion merger

Chipmaker NXP Semiconductors NV announced Sunday night that it has agreed to buy Freescale Semiconductor Ltd for $11.8 billion and merge business operations.

NXP and GlobalFoundries announce production of 40nm embedded non-volatile memory technology

GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, and NXP Semiconductor N.V, a semiconductor company for secure connection solutions, today announced that they have jointly developed a next-generation embedded non-volatile memory.

Apple dictates the ranking of top 10 MEMS manufacturers in 2014

Apple boosted Bosch’s MEMS revenue in 2014 again as Bosch is the sole supplier of the pressure sensors added to the iPhone 6 and 6+.



Co-design of chips, packages and boards

A new product from Mentor Graphics called Xpedition® Package Integrator provides a new methodology and platform in addition to a new suite of EDA tools.

Industry Forum

New approaches to small problems

The market expectations of modern electronics technology are changing the landscape in terms of performance and, in particular, power consumption, and new innovations are putting unprecedented demands on semiconductor devices.