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Solid State Technology

Year 2015
Issue 7



Wafer bonding for high performance MEMS, power devices, and RF components

Recent trends and future directions for wafer bonding are reviewed, with a focus on MEMS.


The future of MEMS in the IoT

SEMI’s European MEMS Summit will be held on 17-18 September 2015 in Milan, Italy. Over the course of the two-day event, more than 20 keynote and invited speakers from the entire supply chain will share their perspectives and latest updates, including participation by European MEMS leaders. In addition, a focused industry exhibition will complement the conferences offering with additional networking opportunities.


The use of sapphire in mobile device and LED industries: Part 2

The use of sapphire in the manufacturing of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is covered in the second part of a two part series.


What lies beneath? 50 years of enabling Moore’s Law

Vacuum technology trends can be seen over the period of innovation defined by Moore’s Law, particularly in the areas of increasing shaft speed, management of pumping power, and the use computer modeling.


Taking 2D materials from lab to fab, and to technology

Due to their exciting properties, 2D crystals like graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides promise to become the material of the future.

Process Watch

Process Watch: Increasing process steps and the tyranny of numbers

Moving to the next design rule can be stressful for the inspection and metrology engineer. Like everything else in the fab, process control generally doesn’t get any easier as design rules shrink and new processes are introduced.


Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Atmel for $4.6 billion

Dialog Semiconductor and Atmel Corporation announced today that Dialog has agreed to acquire Atmel in a cash and stock transaction for total consideration of approximately $4.6 billion.

Pure-play foundry sales forecast to surpass $12B in fourth quarter 2015

Atypical 2015 sales pattern, but stronger growth forecast to resume in second half of this year.

Leti demos MEMS fabrication on its 300mm line, pointing the way to lower manufacturing costs

CEA-Leti has manufactured micro-accelerometers on 300mm wafers, a development that could lead to significantly lower MEMS manufacturing costs.

Rising Flexible Display Technology Patents Herald Future Market Growth

With a recent sharp rise in the number of patent applications for flexible display technologies, the market for various types of flexible displays is expected to broaden.

SUNY Poly announces joint development agreement with INFICON

The collaboration is expected to advance semiconductor manufacturing processes and lead to the creation of 50 jobs at SUNY Poly statewide facilities.



The ConFab Advisory Board Expanded

Please join me welcoming our news members of the Advisory Board for our annual conference and networking event, The ConFab.


TSMC forum emphasizes industry collaboration

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing kicked off its Open Innovation Platform (OIP) Ecosystem Forum with thanks - not for another beautiful day in Silicon Valley, but for the collaborative work it does with its customers, suppliers, and other industry partners.


Intel and ASM look to TCB

Is there any question that TCB is real and will be the next big bonding technology? The focus this month is more on this very important new assembly process from Intel and ASM.

Industry Forum

Europe’s secondary industry in the spotlight

The dramatic shift from the trend for increasingly advanced technology to a vast array and volume of application-based devices presents Europe with a huge opportunity.