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Lynk Labs grows patent portfolio for AC-LED technology

12/04/2013  Lynk Labs Inc., a AC LED technology company from circuits to systems has been granted another key patent by the US Patent Office. The patent covers vertical market segments of AC LED technology from the core AC LED circuits and powering methods to the lighting system level.

Research Alert: Dec. 3, 2013

12/03/2013  Imec integrates CCD and CMOS technology; New thermoelectronic generator; Nanoscale coating improves stability and efficiency of devices for renewable fuel generation

Blog Review: December 2, 2013

12/02/2013  New blogs examine packaging news from Semicon Taiwan, how dynamic resource allocation during post-tapeout flow can increase turnaround time, the role of hardware in sensor fusion, and the Internet’s progress since its birth 44 years ago.

Advances in Post-Tape Out Resource Management

11/25/2013  Foundries, both pure-play and independent device manufacturers (IDM), rigorously compete for market share. One factor that helps them get and keep business is turnaround time (TAT). As technology nodes advance, achieving targeted production runtimes in the post-tapeout flow gets ever more challenging.

Blog Review: November 25, 2013

11/25/2013  New blogs examine Intel’s expanded push into the foundry business, the status of EUV sources, substrates for 3D integration, IEDM sessions, and the challenges of giga-scale circuit design with nano-scale technologies.

Eliminating the Challenges of Giga-Scale Circuit Design With Nano-Scale Technologies

11/25/2013  Dr. Lianfeng Yang of ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. says that the only way out of today's challenges is to more tightly integrate tools for nano-scale modeling, giga-scale SPICE simulation and DFY.

The Week in Review: Nov. 22, 2013

11/22/2013  SoC solution on a 2.5D silicon interposer exhibited; SEMI reports October 2013 book-to-bill ratio above parity; Soraa to open new semi fab in NY; Dow Corning introduces new silicone for LEDs; SUSS installs excimer laser; EVG introduces non-contact lithography system

GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Open-Silicon and Amkor demo 2.5D test vehicle

11/22/2013  GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Open-Silicon and Amkor Technology have jointly exhibited a functional system-on-chip (SoC) solution on a 2.5D silicon interposer featuring two 28nm logic chips, with embedded ARM processors.

Rubicon Technology appoints Warren Stewart as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

11/21/2013  Rubicon Technology, Inc. today announced that Warren S. Stewart III has joined the Company as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, effective immediately.

Dow Corning newest moldable optical silicone expands options for more reliable LEDs

11/19/2013  Dow Corning introduced new Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone here at Strategies in Light Europe 2013.

Seoul Semiconductor introduces next generation of high power LEDs

11/18/2013  The improved efficacy helps lighting manufacturers use fewer LEDs in their system designs which translate to lower system costs.

SemiLEDs introduces 10W integrated RGBW LED

11/18/2013  SemiLEDs Corporation today announced the introduction and release of the 10-Watt M63 RGBW integrated 6363 LED.

Blog Review November 18 2013

11/18/2013  New blogs cover the possibility of GLOBALFOUNDRIES producing Apple’s A7 chip in New York, silicon photonics and optical interconnects, a new Pattern Aware Memory IP technology from Memoir Systems, and several advancements in 3D integration related to RDL interconnects, thin wafer handling and a new low temp via reveal passivation process with stress compensation.

The US lighting control systems industry: A market in transition

11/14/2013  The lighting control systems marketplace has been in a state of transition in recent years. Changing energy efficiency codes, new construction project increases, wireless technology benefits, increases in LED lighting adoption and conservation initiatives have been the key factors driving the growth of the lighting control systems market in the US.

Design for Yield Trends

11/12/2013  Should foundries establish and share best practices to manage sub-nanometer effects to improve yield and also manufacturability?

Research News: Nov. 12, 2013

11/12/2013  Synaptic transistor learns while it computes; Diamond imperfections pave the way to technology gold; The next big thing in the energy sector: Photovoltaic generated DC energy

Blog Review November 11, 2013

11/11/2013  New blogs delve into the impact of pervasive computing on the semiconductor industry, the opportunities in MEMS, flipchip market research, bump-on-polymer reliability, chip embedding, lifetime concerns of EUV optics, a curious take on Moore’s Law and SST’s new editorial calendar for 2014.

Experts At The Table: Design For Yield (DFY) moves closer to the foundry/manufacturing side

11/08/2013  SemiMD discussed the trend for design for yield (DFY) moving closer to the foundry/manufacturing side with Dr Bruce McGaughy, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, ProPlus Design Solutions, Ya-Chieh Lai, Engineering Director, Silicon and Signoff Verification, Cadence and Michael Buehler, Senior Marketing Director, Calibre Design Solutions, Mentor Graphics, and Amiad Conley, Technical Marketing Manager, Process Diagnostics and Control, Applied Materials. What follows are excerpts of that conversation.

Packaging Materials Trends — Mobility is the Key Market Driver

11/07/2013  The electronics industry trend towards smaller and thinner form factors has ushered an era of significant changes in packaging materials. As these trends continue, innovative material solutions will be needed to address demanding requirements related to product integration, mobility, and reliability.

QEOS announces advanced LED lighting system

11/04/2013  Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd. (QEOS), a leading innovator in LED technology, announced today that it is entering the LED lighting and LED lighting systems business



Conformal Coatings for Reliable Electronic Assemblies

Modern electronics have become part of our daily lives and the sophisticated electronic circuitry at the heart of these devices and systems must be reliable. Conformal coatings act as a barrier between the electronics and the environment, protecting the areas they cover while strengthening delicate components and traces. Find out more about how conformal coatings enhance the reliability and longevity of electronic printed circuit boards.April 24, 2014
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The Next Step in Diagnosis Resolution Improvement

Learn more about RCD as the next step in diagnosis solution enhancement. Where layout-aware diagnosis points to a segment, earn more about RCD as the next step in diagnosis solution enhancement. Where layout-aware diagnosis points to a segment, RCD can isolate a particular root cause in that segment. RCD, a statistical enhancement technology in Tessent Diagnosis and YieldInsight products, is the next step in diagnosis resolution enhancement. It works by analyzing multiple layout diagnosis reports together to identify the underlying defect distribution that is more likely to explain this set of diagnosis results. RCD does not require any additional data beyond what is required for layout-aware diagnosis. This means that RCD fits well into existing diagnosis flows. April 24, 2014
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UV LED Curing for the Electronics Industry

This paper provides an introduction to UV LED curing and the many benefits UV LED curing provides for bonding and coating applications in the electronics industry. Product manufacturers, machine builders, and chemistry formulators will gain an understanding of the benefits and how to apply UV LED curing in manufacturing processes. Included are specific examples of how manufacturers are using UV LED to make touch screens, mobile phones, micro speakers, and hard disk drives.April 03, 2014
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Multiphysics Modeling of MEMS Devices

April 30 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), such as actuators, sensors and resonators, rely on the interactions between multiple physical effects. In this webinar, we will show how a multiphysics simulation approach allows you to combine electrical, thermal and structural effects accurately in order to design reliable and high-performance MEMS devices.

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May 2014 (date and time TBD) MEMS have quite different process and material requirements compared to mainstream microprocessor and memory types of devices. This webcast will explore the latest trends in MEMS devices – including sensor fusion, biosensors, energy harvesting – new manufacturing challenges and potential equipment and materials solutions to those challenges.

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Packaging Materials

May 2014 (date and time TBD) Advanced packages rely on high-performance materials – die-attach film, solder bumps, conductive adhesive, underfill, TIM – to ensure reliability, fine-pitch interconnect, thermal management, and chip performance are optimized. Learn about the latest assembly materials and how they can improve the package, speed packaging throughput, and even lower packaging costs in the webcast.

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