ON Semiconductor Rochester assembly and test facility expands manufacturing operation

05/10/2018  ON Semiconductor Corporation announced the expansion of their manufacturing facility in Rochester, New York.

SILTECTRA adds new patents to global IP portfolio

05/10/2018  Wafering technology innovations covered by additional patents aim to further reduce costs for manufacturers of silicon carbide-based ICs and other devices.

Adesto announces acquisition of S3 Semiconductors

05/10/2018  Adesto Technologies, a provider of innovative application-specific semiconductors for the IoT era, announced it has acquired Dublin-based S3 Semiconductors.

TowerJazz and Newsight Imaging announce advanced CMOS image sensor chips for LiDAR

05/09/2018  TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, and Newsight Imaging, today announced production of Newsight's advanced CMOS image sensor (CIS) chips and camera modules, customized for very high volume LiDAR and machine vision markets, combining sensors, digital algorithms and pixel array on the same chip.

Air Liquide Advanced Materials, Inc. receives Association for Corporate Growth Award

05/09/2018  Air Liquide Advanced Materials, Inc. (ALAM) has been chosen by the New Jersey chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth as an honoree for the 2018 Corporate Growth Awards.

UnitySC opens new Asia entity to support advanced packaging and power device markets

05/08/2018  UnitySC, a developer of advanced inspection and metrology solutions, today announced the opening of its Asia subsidiary, Unity Semiconductor Limited Company (UnitySC Asia).

CMOS image sensor sales stay on record-breaking pace

05/08/2018  Embedded imaging applications in cars, security, machine vision, medical, virtual reality, and other new uses will offset slow growth in camera phones, says new report.

RF power semiconductors near $1.5B for 2017 with GaN driving the way

05/07/2018  Gallium Nitride (GaN) has the promise of gaining market share in 2018 and is forecast to be a significant force over the next few years.

Analog Devices names four Fellows for outstanding technical achievement and leadership

05/07/2018  Analog Devices, Inc. awarded Bob Reay, Leonard Shtargot, Jesper Steensgaard, and Sam Zhang the title of Analog Devices Fellow.

Hematene joins parade of new 2D materials

05/07/2018  Hematene joins parade of new 2D materials Rice University-led team extracts 3-atom-thick sheets from common iron oxide.

Design for magnetoelectric device may improve your memory

05/04/2018  A switching element made of Cr2O3 may yield smaller, more energy-efficient memory for computers and flash drives.

2018 CMC Conference highlights materials solutions

05/04/2018  The 2018 Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference -- held April 26-27 at the Hilton Chandler in Arizona -- was a great gathering with presentations from Everspin, Intel, GlobalFoundries, and NXP discussing current fab challenges, and the relationships to near-term materials solutions.

Imec demonstrates direct optical reading of single-molecule DNA bases in modified nanopores

05/04/2018  Results on unique combination of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and nanopore fluidics published in Nature Communications.

Osram strengthens portfolio for security applications via acquisition

05/03/2018  Osram has added to its expertise in semiconductor-based optical security technology by acquiring US-based Vixar Inc.

Custom silicon microparticles dynamically reconfigure on demand

05/03/2018  First demonstration of self-assembling and self-disassembling silicon microparticles could form the basis for designing artificial muscles and reconfigurable computer systems.

Controlling the crystal structure of gallium oxide

05/03/2018  A simple method that uses hydrogen chloride can better control the crystal structure of a common semiconductor and shows promise for novel high-powered electronic applications.

Making automotive smart: Key takeaways from SEMI Taiwan Member Forum

05/03/2018  Emboldened by advances in self-driving and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technologies, Taiwan’s microelectronics sector is investing heavily in manufacturing processes and equipment as engines of innovation and growth for autonomous driving, the world’s next market goldmine. But breaking into the self-driving vehicle industry can be an uphill struggle.

One-dimensional material packs a powerful punch for next generation electronics

05/02/2018  The new technology has applications in nanometer-scale transistors and circuits.

EV Group begins construction of new Manufacturing III building

05/02/2018  EV Group today announced that it has started construction work for the next expansion phase of its corporate headquarters.

TowerJazz announces release of advanced 300mm 65nm BCD power management platform

05/02/2018  TowerJazz today announced the release of its 300mm 65nm BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) process, the most advanced power management platform for up to 16V operation and 24V maximum voltage.



Enabling EUV and the patterning roadmap

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET

EUV lithography has steadily been gaining momentum in recent years and edges closer and closer to insertion in manufacturing. While considerable progress has been made and the first uses of EUV appear imminent, there remain some difficulties that will challenge the rate and degree to which EUV can be employed. This talk will aim to explore the patterning-related challenges that remain, summarize some of the ongoing efforts to tackle these challenges, and give an outlook towards the future.

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Advanced Packaging

Date and time TBD

Back-end packaging is increasingly important to semiconductor device form factor, thermal and power performance, and costs. Compounded by the demand for lead-free processing and the soaring cost of gold, the industry is developing new approaches to packaging, including redistribution layers (RDL), through silicon vias (TSV), copper pillars, wafer-level packaging (WLP) and copper wire bonding. Experts will discuss these and other approaches in this webcast.

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Date and time TBD

EUV lithography has been under intense development for years and appears to be close to production. Yet its delay has the industry searching for alternatives, including double, triple and even quadruple patterning, directed self-assembly, multi-e-beam and nanoimprint. In this webcast, experts will detail various options, future scenarios and challenges that must still be overcome.

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Leveraging Baseline Checks for Robust Reliability Verification

As IP and IC designers and verification teams tackle increased complexity and expectations, reliability verification has become a necessary ingredient for success. Automotive, always-on mobile devices, IOT and other platforms require increasingly lower power envelopes and reduced device leakage while maintaining overall device performance. Foundries have also created new process nodes targeted for these applications. Having the ability to establish baseline checks for design and reliability requirements is critical to first pass success. January 08, 2018
Sponsored by Mentor Graphics

Testing PAs under Digital Predistortion and Dynamic Power Supply Conditions

The power amplifier (PA) – as either a discrete component or part of an integrated front end module (FEM) – is one of the most integral RF integrated circuits (RFICs) in the modern radio. In Part 2 of this white paper series, you will learn different techniques for testing PAs via an interactive white paper with multiple how-to videos.September 06, 2017
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Learn the Basics of Power Amplifier and Front End Module Measurements

The power amplifier (PA) – as either a discrete component or part of an integrated front end module (FEM) – is one of the most integral RF integrated circuits (RFICs) in the modern radio. Download this white paper to learn the basics of testing RF PAs and FEMs via an interactive white paper with multiple how-to videos.May 22, 2017
Sponsored by National Instruments

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