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China will dominate the global semiconductor market in the next 5 years

Wed, 7 Jul 2017
The semiconductor market in China continues to grow at a staggering speed. The current backbone of the electronics and telecom industry in China, semiconductor companies in China are driving innovation with new trends like spending on wafer fab equipment.

IBM scientists observe elusive gravitational effect in solid-state physics

Wed, 7 Jul 2017
An international team of physicists, materials scientists and string theoreticians have observed a phenomenon on Earth that was previously thought to only occur hundreds of light years away or at the time when the universe was born. This result could lead to a more evidence-based model for the understanding the universe and for improving the energy-conversion process in electronic devices.

Applied Materials announces 2017 Supplier of the Year Awards

Fri, 7 Jul 2017
Applied Materials, Inc. today recognized 10 companies with Supplier of the Year Awards for their contributions to Applied's success over the past year.