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Printed, flexible, and organic electronics: A growing opportunity

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
In wearable gadgets, flexible electronics may have met its dream application. And that’s no stretch of the imagination.

Deposition equipment market witnesses a year of significant changes

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
There are four main segments in the thin-layer deposition equipment market – atomic layer deposition, chemical vapor deposition, epitaxy, and physical vapor deposition, also known as sputtering.

Etching: A crucial step in semiconductor manufacturing

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Plasma etching is a key step in wafer fabrication, from deposition to the patterning of photolithography to dry or wet etch. As such, it is a crucial and hotly-contested area for vendors of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Immersion lithography remains the industry’s workhorse technology

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
While the lithography equipment market sometimes seems like A Tale of Two Cities, it’s more complicated than that. The basic fact is that the semiconductor industry is soldiering on with 193-nanometer immersion lithography technology and multiple-patterning exposures while extreme-ultraviolet lithography continues its long-aborning development.

Advanced packaging, 3DICs to figure in SEMICON West discussions

Mon, 7 Jul 2015
The era of three-dimensional chips is upon us.

Fan-out wafer level packaging set to expand

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
The expansion of fan-out is finally coming, says Rich Rogoff, Vice President and General Manager, Lithography Systems Group at Rudolph Technologies.

Keynote panel: Challenges abound for sub-14nm

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
SEMICON West 2015 kicked off Tuesday morning with a keynote panel session that addressed the challenges of "Scaling the Walls of Sub-14nm Manufacturing."

SEMI press conference highlights market forecast, economic conditions

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
When Gordon Moore of Fairchild Semiconductor published his famous article on chip scaling and costs in 1965, gasoline in the U.S. was 31 cents per gallon, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was under 1,000, and a house could be purchased for $13,000 or so, noted Denny McGuirk, president and CEO of SEMI, at Tuesday morning’s press conference opening the SEMICON West 2015 conference and exhibition.

SEMICON West Day 2: Don't Miss

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
Gear up for Day 2 of SEMICON West with this list of must-see conference events.

SEMICON West Day 3: Don't Miss

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Check out these events on Day 3 of SEMICON West 2015.

Keynote: The Internet of Things and the next 50 years of Moore's Law

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Fifty years of technological developments following Moore’s Law has changed our world in some phenomenal ways, but Intel’s Doug Davis believes the time has come to change the way we think about developing new solutions.

ClassOne Technology’s Solstice S4 wins Best of West

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
The ClassOne Technology Solstice S4 won the Best of West award, presented by Solid State Technology and SEMI.