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Monthly Archives: October 2018

What You Can Learn about Blue-X and EUV Sources in Prague During the 2018 Source Workshop

By Vivek Bakshi, EUV Litho, Inc.

The 2018 Source Workshop is right around the corner in Prague (November 5-7, 2018, HiLASE, Prague, Czech Republic). This year, the new exciting topic is the start of discussions on options for extending EUVL via wavelength reduction – something that I have named Blue-X. Reduction of wavelength is one option for continued extension of optical projection lithography, and we are commencing our discussion on shorter than 13.5 nm wavelength sources and optics that will enable this technology in the near future. We will have nine papers on this topic. There are options to be considered for high-Z elements that can enable a given source at a wavelength less than 13.5 nm. I will make a case for wavelength reduction to not only improve resolution, but also reduce NA to decrease cost, and possibly reduce power requirements. Hans Hertz from KTH will talk about how water window sources may be scaled up for something more than microscopy. There will be a paper by optiXfab on ML that could effectively bring those photons to wafers. Also, a paper from LLNL will discuss lasers that may power these shorter wavelength sources.

In addition, we will have updates and new data on fundamentals of EUV sources for scanner, as well as metrology tools to enable EUVL in high volume manufacturing. As this year’s workshop is co-organized with HiLASE, we will also conduct a special session on lasers that drive. We will cover lasers that drive EUV scanners and metrology tools, and one day may drive free-electron laser (FEL) based sources. I am looking forward to your joining us in finding out the latest on EUV and shorter wavelength sources. A detailed agenda is available on our website at