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At long last, it is time again for Semicon West. The conference and exhibition, which feature technical sessions and various assembly, test and packaging booths, will be held in San Jose, Calif., July 12-14. The following is a sampling of products that will be featured at the show. Take a few minutes to review the products of interest and circle the corresponding numbers on the reader service card to receive more information. For faster results, fax the card to 413-637-4343. For more information about the show, visit

Lead-free Alternative

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Epo-Tek EE 165-3 is a silver-filled, electrically conductive adhesive designed as a solder replacement in SMT, hybrid microelectronics and other electronic assembly applications. The product is a low-risk, lead-free alternative for SMT joining applications, such as mounting passive components, chips and plastic packages to PCBs. Its low process temperature makes it suitable for flex circuits and temperature-sensitive ASICs. Epoxy Technology Inc., Billerica, Mass.

Test Contactor

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MicroTouch is a high-performance test contactor for BGA and CSP devices. This product family uses proprietary technologies in a structure that features compliant contacts and elastomer materials for a reliable test interconnect.The short contact length of 1.1 mm is said to preserve signal integrity and reveal the true performance of IC area-array devices. Electrical characterization results at 1.27-mm pitch indicate self-inductance of 0.36 nH and consistent contact resistance readings of 40 to 50 mO. 3M Electronic Handling and Protection Division, Austin, Texas.

Burn-in Chambers

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Despatch Burn-in Chambers are designed for the burn-in of ICs, DRAMs, SRAMs, Rambus DRAMs, digital-signal processors and other semiconductor devices. Horizontal airflow maintains consistent temperatures despite heat dissipated by components. The chambers accept a variety of driver/ burn-in board configurations and can be used for static, dynamic, TDBI, hot/cold and inert atmosphere processing. The temperature range is 50° to 260°C (-68° to 177°C for hot/cold configurations). Despatch Industries, Minneapolis, Minn.

Solvent Processor

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The Evergreen Model 202 solvent processor reportedly combines the benefits of immersion and single-wafer processing. The immersion station features equal soak-time software control to provide single-wafer precision in immersion processing, plus automatic agitation, submersible spraying, temperature control and chemistry re-filtration. Solid State Equipment Corp., Horsham, Pa.

Nanotopology Analysis System

The NanoMapper metrology tool is for wafer, semiconductor equipment and semiconductor device-process development facilities. The system reportedly responds to process-development needs for leading-edge semiconductor device design rules down to 0.1µm. It is currently used to quantify nanotopology in development of critical lithography integrated process sequences. ADE Phase Shift, a subsidiary of ADE Corp., Tucson, Ariz.

Ball Placement System

The VAi 3150 Ball Placement System addresses the requirements of high-throughput processing of grid-array packages, including fine-pitch applications. With a range of features and options, it reportedly provides a ball-placement system that can reduce the assembly cost per pin for both standard- and fine-pitch-array packages. Positive Mask technology is said to enable high throughput and accuracy. RVSI Vanguard, Tucson, Ariz.


Hermetic titanium/composite packaging technology uses titanium as the primary housing material and integrates molybdenum/copper (Mo/Cu) composite material into strategic locations of the structure for heat dissipation. The combination of titanium and Mo/Cu reportedly is suitable for achieving the properties of lightweight, low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity in an electronic package. Pacific Aerospace & Electronics Inc., Wenatchee, Wash.


The Automated Flexi-handler is designed to enhance the inspection capabilities of the NSX Series wafer, die and bump inspection by accommodating up to two film frame or Auer boat magazines at a time. It automatically loads pre- or post-saw wafers on film frames (up to 8-in. wafers) or Auer boats onto the NSX for defect inspection. It is available as an option to new and existing NSX Series systems. August Technology, Bloomington, Minn.

Dispensing System

Two new features have been added to the Xyflex multi-head, high-speed dispensing machine for underfill and encapsulation materials. A new automated weight calibration system and a fast, highly repeatable multi-piston pump reportedly add new precision and speed to the Xyflex platform. The weight calibration system includes a software interface that allows operators to program parameters in real time. The multi-head piston pump feature is said to offer better than ± 1 percent repeatability and a “no-drip” design. Speedline Technologies, a Cookson Electronics Co., Haverhill, Mass.


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The MP100 is a component-handling system designed to handle small form-factor packages via bulk input. It reportedly tests, inspects and puts packages into tape at throughputs reaching 5,000 parts/hr. Its bulk-input functionality uses the company's vibratory bowl technology. Specially designed bowls are said to maximize input speed and ensure proper feeding and orientation, regardless of component size. The system supports a range of packages, including SOTs, SCs, LCCs and MLFs. Ismeca USA Inc., Vista, Calif.

Automated Fluid Dispenser

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The Millennium M-620 system is a standard solution for dispensing processes, such as flip-chip underfill, CSP underfill, dam and fill, silver epoxy, IC encapsulation, thermal grease and lid seal. Several standard features give the system the power and flexibility for a range of applications. The DP-3000 linear pump is said to deliver accurate, repeatable dispensing, regardless of fluid viscosity. The Mass Flow Calibration technology maintains a closed-loop dispensing process for continuously accurate dispensing and fully automatic process control. Asymtek, a Nordson Co., Carlsbad, Calif.

Brushless Servo Motors

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These new AC brushless servo motors are small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and come in three motor sizes: HC-AQ0135, HC-AQ0235 and HC-AQ0335. The 0135 has a rated output of 10 W, a rated torque of 0.0318 Nm and a maximum torque of 0.0955 Nm. The 0235 has a rated output of 20 W, a rated torque of 0.0637 Nm and a maximum torque of 0.191 Nm. The 0335 has a rated output of 30 W, a rated torque of 0.0955 Nm and a maximum torque of 0.287 Nm. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc., Vernon Hills, Ill.

Excimer Laser

The NovaLine A4000 series is a 4-kHz argon-fluoride (193 nm) laser. The NovaLine A4020 reportedly delivers an output power of 40 W (10 mJ/pulse) with a bandwidth designed for high NA catadioptric imaging systems. The NovaLine A4005 (20 W, 5 mJ/pulse) provides the ultra-narrow bandwidth required for all refractive high-NA imaging lenses. The 4-kHz operation enables customers to take advantage of scanner improvements and maximize wafer throughput. Lambda Physik USA Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Burn-in Test Socket

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This high-volume, burn-in test solution is for memory and logic ICs that use the ultrafine 0.5-mm-pitch CSP. The socket is specifically designed to overcome the barriers of testing the ultrafine 0.5-mm CSP. It features a clamshell design for easy insertion and compression-style micro-spring contacts to provide robust yet sensitive contact with the delicate solder balls. The new micro-springs touch the side of the solder ball instead of approaching the ball from the bottom. Texas Instruments Interconnection, Mansfield, Mass.

Advanced Packaging System

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The APS-1H hybrid module advanced packaging system features fast, accurate QuadAlign noncontact alignment COB die processing. The machine's pick preview function identifies die orientation and location for high reliability and consistent bondline. The programmable placement force feature protects fragile die and lets the user adjust force and time for each die type. A large tabletop accepts more than 108 2-in. waffle packs or custom tooling. Quad Systems Corp., Willow Grove, Pa.

Underfill Encapsulant

Hysol FP4549 is an underfill encapsulant for flip-chip applications. An advanced filler with maximum particle size of less than 5 µm enables the product's use to underfill die with a gap as small as 20 µm and flow a distance of more than 1 inch. It meets JEDEC Level 3 pre-conditioning and reportedly has passed 168 hours of autoclave exposure with no delamination. Dexter Corp. Electronic Materials, Industry, Calif.

Stepper Body Tools

This family of tools is said to offer a solution for the development of leading-edge resists, reticles, materials and small devices. Based on Ultratech Stepper's XLS stepper body, the tools, which include a small-field and mid-field microstepper, are designed to image fine patterns with critical dimensions down to 0.10 µm. The small-field microstepper has a field size of 1.5 x 1.5 mm, a fixed numerical aperture and a 10X reduction ratio. Ultratech Stepper Inc., San Jose, Calif.

Singulation System

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The NSX-250DS dual-spindle singulation system is suitable for all production-critical lines. The modular design is said to provide production gang blade UPH performance, beyond 20,000 for some device sizes, and automation integration options. The AFG-90 is a high-speed cassette-to-cassette system with > 80 WPH performance. A wash/dry spin station reportedly provides programmable heated water and air supply to further improve critical cleanliness. Manufacturing Technology Inc. (MTI), Ventura, Calif.


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The UCBJFF20CP is a new high-performance, 45° flange-mounted coax BNC jack for digital applications. Its design reportedly allows for high-density standard BNC interconnects from a distribution backplane and delivers performance of -34 dB at 1 GHz and -23 dB at 2 GHz. This new jack is suitable for launching a coax signal directly from a backplane plated through hole at a 45° angle from the board, permitting cable management. Trompeter Electronics Inc., Westlake Village, Calif.

Distortion Measurement Test Set

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The CS29010 fully integrated distortion measurement test set has broad applications for various wide band, complex, mixed-signal design and development for components (chip/board level), subsystems (amplifiers/ filters) and systems (TWTs/ telecom switches/modems), all in a single box (rack-mount or desktop). L-3 Communications, Cupertino, Calif.

Machining Plate

Pyropel HD is a high-purity thermoset polyimide machining stock suitable for the manufacture of parts subjected to high temperatures or chemical attack. With temperature resistance to 550°F, it exceeds the upper continuous-use temperature limits of engineering-grade thermoplastics and is comparable to other thermoset polyimides, yet reportedly costs less. This product provides thermal and chemical resistance and meets outgassing and ionic-purity standards. Albany International/ High Performance Materials, Mansfield, Mass.

BGA, CSP & QFP Rework System

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AT-707 rework is a new system with split-beam vision. The combination of light and split beam reportedly provides clear vision of the component and the board. During alignment, the component is placed 90° to the board. Placement and reflow are co-located, which is said to eliminate errors caused by moving the board after placement. The computer stores a library of time/temperature profiles and allows for real-time display. Advanced Techniques, Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

Image Analysis Software

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Advanced Image Processor (AIP II) software is designed to more fully integrate inspection and analysis of BGAs, flip chips, µBGAs and other high-density packages. Developed to offer the tools needed to keep SMT, component and bare-board lines at the highest levels of quality, the software's enhanced features include a library of measurements, semiconductor device analysis and colorized 3-D plots. Nicolet Imaging Systems, San Diego, Calif.


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A new capability has been added to the Summit 2100RS that allows performance of a single, continuous sequence to complete all four rework operations: removing components, noncontact site scavenging, solder-paste application, and placing and reflowing components. This reduces the risk of damage by eliminating the need to complete three separate thermal cycles. Sierra Research & Technology, Westford, Mass.

Height-adjustable Workbench

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Height-Right is suitable for testing, repairing and assembling electronic equipment. It is ergonomically designed to provide flexibility. It provides 15 inches of movement from the bottom to the top, has 1,200-lb static capacity and a 600-lb dynamic capacity. It has been engineered to accommodate the company's FlexWorks Accessory System, which allows users more flexibility. Lista International Corp., Holliston, Mass.

Wire-bonding Capillary

As the semiconductor industry moves toward higher lead counts and finer pitches, 70-µm-pitch bonding in a production environment has become a reality. IC manufacturers are now seeking 60-, 55-, 50-µm and below process capability from wire bonders, packages, lead frames, wire and capillaries. Gaiser Tool Co. announces its ability to manufacture a 35-µm-pitch capillary using its Process 1800 angle bottleneck technology and a zirconia-toughened alumina ceramic material. Gaiser Tool Co., Ventura, Calif.


OnQ Technology's services now include tape-and-reel packaging for new packages, such as 4 x 4 MLPs and MLFs. Processing can be done from tray-to-tape or tray-to-tray with full 2-D and 3-D lead scan and inspection done on all parts. Inspection capabilities also include gull wing, J-lead, BGA and CSP packages, parallel inspection of lead/ball, mark and both top and bottom inspection. The company's engineers can analyze the components and help determine the appropriate packaging specifications required for ample part protection. onQ Technology, Austin, Texas.

Wafer Processing

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Tru-Si Technologies produces wafer-processing equipment solutions, with an emphasis on technology bridging the front and back ends. Tru-Etch systems use an atmospheric downstream plasma (ADP) gas etch for damage-free wafer thinning and dicing, and 3-D wafer-level packaging. A new product enhancement is the full NoTouch robotics for handling ultra-thin 50-µm wafers, even those bumped or stacked. Tru-Si Technologies, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Wafer Carrier

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FabFit 300 is a reduced-pitch front-opening shipping box (FOSB) for 300-mm wafers. It has a pitch of 6.35 mm, compared with 10 mm for a standard pitch system. Its smaller design consumes less cleanroom space and enables greater ease of handling for fab engineers, thereby decreasing potential wafer damage inside the FOSB. Its smaller configuration requires less material to manufacture, thereby reducing the amount of material that comes in direct contact with the wafers. Entegris Inc., Chaska, Minn.

Copper Multilevel Redistribution

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Unitive's copper multilevel redistribution process integrates copper and benzocyclobutene (BCB) for the interlevel dielectric in multilevel processing. This combination provides good planarization properties with a low dielectric constant of ~ 2.65. The process can form lines several microns thick with minimum line and space dimensions with a reduction in metal thickness. Customers that have high-frequency requirements or those integrating passives will particularly benefit from this process. Unitive Electronics Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C.

X-ray System

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The package/analyser 160 is an ultra-high-resolution microfocus X-ray system equipped with a transmission open X-ray tube that is dedicated to the process control and failure analysis of IC packages. Typical applications include wire-sweep measurement, ball/wedge-bond inspection, die-attach verification, flip-chip-to-substrate bond integrity and encapsulation voiding identification. phoenix/x-ray Systems + Services, Camarillo, Calif.


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The Productivity Family (APF) software suite provides tools for continuous improvement of operations, capacity improvement analysis, real-time scheduling and dispatching, planning, material transport analysis, and complex equipment modeling. The APF software suite consists of Real Time Dispatcher for real-time scheduling and dispatching; APF Reporter to transform raw data from the manufacturing execution system into useful analysis information; and AutoSched AP simulator, which allows manufacturers to experiment and test “what-if” ideas. AutoSimulations Inc., Bountiful, Utah.

Component Imaging

The 0.8-mil per pixel MegaView camera represents the first in a series of expanded field-of-view cameras that Universal Instruments will manufacture for use with its advanced semiconductor assembly equipment. It is suitable for applications that employ small devices, such as flip chips. Most of its benefits stem from its 1,024 x 1,024 pixel expanded field of view, which gives the cameras the ability to image devices in a single pass over the camera. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y.

Total FAB Monitoring Tool

Total FAB monitoring (TFM) tool enables online visualization of all stand-alone equipment, performance analysis (RAM, SEMI-E10) and comparison. These tools are based on B-BEM technology, the basis for efficient equipment integration into the company's Autoline. Both the Recipe Management System and the TFM join the company's integration solutions that include process-step-specific applications. ESEC, Phoenix, Ariz.

Eutectic Die Bonding

The 3500-II is a fully automatic, high-accuracy die bonder said to be capable of performing automated eutectic die attach using backside metallized die or preforms, and enables bonding of thin die with air bridges using two- or four-sided perimeter collets. Using look-up and look-down cameras for flip-chip applications and “relative-to” referencing for linear micro-strip placement, this product reportedly yields accuracies of ± 0.5 mil. Palomar Technologies, Vista, Calif.

High Thermal Adhesives

A patented Ag-filled organic system has been developed with thermal conductivities as high as 60 W/mK, generating a Q JC (C/W) equal to Au/Sn solder in customer applications. The DM4030, DM5030 and DM6030 series range in polymer chemistry from thermoplastic to thermoset, with interpenetrating networks of both polymers, offering application-specific solutions to a variety of thermal management problems. The new series was designed to replace solder. Diemat Inc., Topsfield, Mass.

Assembly Packaging/Testing Services

Siliconware Precision Co. offers full solutions from wafer sort, assembly, final test, burn-in and drop ship as well as a full line of packages such as BGA, MCB-BGA, CSP, TCP flip chip, module assembly, QFP, SOs, QFN and 3-D package. In addition, the company offers design and packaging consultation online through eDesign service, which allows customers to view and modify the designs along with the designer in real time through the Internet. Siliconware Precision Co. Ltd. (SPIL), San Jose, Calif.

Machine Status Indicator

Used to indicate machine status, the WE/WEP series is a slim, wall-mounted, three- or five-color LED status indicator that is available with audible indicator and flashing circuit. New two-piece construction is available in two faceplates, white (WEP) and chrome (WE). The design allows for vertical, horizontal or inverted mounting applications. Patlite Corp., Torrance, Calif.

Inspection for Die Sorting

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The Model DS-7000 high-speed die sorter has tape-and-reel output. The input wafer process encompasses bump and gross defect inspection. Part inspection is also offered at the die-inverting position. Output inspection includes part presence and accuracy of placement, plus backside inspection for target or mark-related to pin-one orientation. Laurier Inc., Londonderry, N.H.

Chip Capacitor

The T520 Series Organic-KO-Capacitor is a tantalum capacitor, with Ta anode and Ta2O5 dielectric. However, a conductive, organic polymer replaces the MnO2 as the cathode plate of the capacitor. The polymer reportedly is more conductive than the MnO2, which results in a very low ESR and improved cap retention at high frequency. Kemet Electronics Corp., Greenville, S.C.

Mining Tools

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Jon Goldman Associates offers Browser-based Data Mining Tools for use with its data collection, analysis and reporting software systems. Data captured during the semiconductor manufacturing process can be viewed and accessed in graphical format, in real time, by using a browser and accessing the data at a specific location through a company's Intranet. Rather than having to run a separate program on each PC for viewing graphical data, the PC's Internet Browser can go to a dedicated Intranet address and use the graphics utility tools from there. Jon Goldman Associates (JGA), Orange, Calif.

Report Generation

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The Omninet Image Capture and Report Generation system includes imaging software for the latest Pentium-II MMX technology and Windows 98 for fast, easy capture, storage, retrieval and report generation. Said to be simple to use, the product is fully upgradable with simple push-button image analysis solutions through to the fully featured Omninet Enterprise. Buehler Ltd., Lake Bluff, Ill.

Reworkable Flip-chip Underfills

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Loctite 3567 is a reworkable underfill for use on flip-chip, BGA and CSP assemblies. It is designed to provide processing and reliability similar to conventional thermoset underfills with the added advantage of reworkability. It allows a flip chip to be replaced after testing determines that the chip is defective and will minimize incidents where the entire board must be discarded. Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn.

Air Conditioning

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Solid State Air Conditioning is said to provide on-demand thermoelectric cooling/heating protection in NEMA 12, 4 and 4X electronic enclosures. Features of these systems, which are now available in 400, 800 and 1,500 BTU/hr, reportedly include no harmful CFCs to leak or to be periodically replenished; low noise, vibration and maintenance; compact size and weight; low power requirements; NEMA 12 and 4X configurations; and custom design available. Electrografics International Corp., Warminster, Pa.

Chip Scale Format

The McCSP chip-scale format process reportedly creates a package that is the same size as the die and whose process is based upon an extension of well-established industry processes. Unique to this process is the ability to deal with virtually any size die that affords customers no size limitations, as well as flexibility of cost reduction by die shrinkage. Multichip Assembly Inc., San Jose, Calif.

Test Socket

The OZTEK .4-mm pitch test socket is the first available on the market with this fine of a pitch. The socket assembly is specifically configured for testing CSP and BGA device applications. Cerprobe's proprietary socket designs are also used with interchangeable package inserts that provide for the reduced cost of test, increased versatility and shorter lead times. Each socket base can accept package inserts of different pin counts or pin layouts, allowing one base to be used for many different package configurations. Cerprobe, Gilbert, Ariz.


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The BestCap electromechanical supercapacitor is based on an aqueous chemistry called rechargeable hydrogen ion solid state (RHISS). This technology is said to be ideal for high-power pulsing and is designed for use in hand-held and mobile communications equipment to extend battery life. The polymer electrolyte system is capable of ultra-thin construction down to 0.7 mm. Voltages from one to ten volts can be offered. Initial evaluation samples have voltage specifications of 5.5 V, capacitance of between 60 and 200 millifarads and ESR values of 40 to 100 milli-ohms depending on size. Package options are 27 x 17 x 2.5 mm, and 48 x 30 x 2.5 mm. AVX Corp., a Kyocera Group Co., Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Placement Machine

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Combining the speed of a chipshooter with the flexibility of a fine-pitch assembler, the 2000 Series placement machine offers an economical alternative to the large, inflexible high-speed chipshooter. The 2000 Series is designed around four modular machines – the KE-2010, KE-2020, KE2030 and the KE-2040 – and offers multi-nozzle laser alignment for precision, in-flight, non-contact alignment of four parts simultaneously using a single laser unit. Juki Automation Systems, Morrisville, N.C.

Micro Leadframes for CSP

Designed to meet the needs of the high-density packaging market, the MicroFrame reportedly provides a low-cost packaging solution for high-density, low lead-count packages. Offered with standard or lead-free plating, it reduces board space by 50 percent over comparably leaded SOIC, TSOP, TSSOP, SSOP and TQFPs. Dynacraft Industries, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Vision System

The acuReader III is a high-performance vision system for identifying wafers and components through the semiconductor manufacturing process. The system provides a comprehensive ID solution, combining OCR software technology with enhanced capabilities for reading 2-D data matrix codes on 300-mm wafers, lead frames, substrates and other components. The system features a comprehensive library of software tools for reading OCR, 2-D data matrix and bar code symbologies, and a Wizard-based interface that guides the user step-by-step through setting up ID applications, automatically configuring the correct parameters. The interface provides context-sensitive help, and menu text can be displayed in English or Japanese, as well as other Unicode-compliant languages. Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass.

Die-attach System

The Apollo 3000 is a 300-mm-capable system providing placement accuracy of ± 0.001 inch at 3 S for Matrix BGA, PBGA, SBGA and most lead frame package types. A gripper indexing system reportedly allows flexibility and instant changeovers between device types. A positive displacement epoxy writing system dispenses precise volume and patterns. Programmable BLT and bond force control are included. ESC International, Ivyland, Pa.

Flip Chip Bonders

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The multi-use Model 860 Omni bonder can be configure to bond laser diodes, flip chips or eutectic bonded die. The joystick-controlled semi-automatic system aligns and attaches die sizes from 0.006-in. square to 1-in. square at a throughput rate of 120 placements per hour with placement accuracy of ± 12 µm. The Model 850 bonder for flip chips, chip-scale devices and bare die is designed for entry-level low-volume production and development projects requiring accuracies of ± 12 µm. The new optional flip chip rework attachment removes chips that have been bonded with reworkable underfill materials. Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, Calif.

Automatic Ball Bonders

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Kulicke & Soffa are introducing next-generation versions of the Model 8028 automatic ball bonder: the 8028-S, which offers a 10 percent improvement in productivity without the need for process re-qualification, and the 8028-PPS, which combines productivity with 50-µm pad pitch mass production capability. Both models feature the EFO delivery system for enhanced performance with small wire sizes, improved program transportability and the ability to consistently form ultra-fine balls. Fine-pitch dual magnification optics combine standard 2X with high resolution 6X magnification for fast lead location. Advanced imaging technology uses a proven vision engine and algorithms to ensure the wire bond process is not affected. Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa.

Die-attach System

The Apollo 3000 is a 300-mm-capable system providing placement accuracy of ± 0.001 inch at 3 S for Matrix BGA, PBGA, SBGA and most lead frame package types. A gripper indexing system reportedly allows flexibility and instant changeovers between device types. A positive displacement epoxy writing system dispenses precise volume and patterns. Programmable BLT and bond force control are included. ESC International, Ivyland, Pa.

Automated Inline X-ray

The high-speed AXI automated inline X-ray system is for non-destructive inspection of PCBs with BGAs. The system's inspection sensitivity makes it an excellent solution for testing board configurations with limited visual or electrical access. Inspection speed is as fast as 250 BGA balls in one to two seconds with defect reporting on a flat panel screen display. The AXI holds the board stationary on a SMEMA-compatible conveyor in a shielded, interlocked enclosure. CR Technology, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

3-D Coordinate Measuring System

The YP20 3-D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is designed for close-tolerance parts applications. It combines non-contact, auto-focusing optical/laser sensing technology and PC-based computer numerical control to provide three-dimensional inspection, measurement and analysis of microscopic surface features on ICs, PCBs, computer hard disks and machined materials. The system has a Z-axis measurement range of 20 mm, and a 230 x 230-mm part stage mounted on a lab-grade, micro-flat granite table that provides X and Y axis movement of the workpiece within a 110 x 110-mm range. Movement within all axes is closed-loop controlled by the unit's 450 MHz Pentium II PC. Resolution in all three axes is 0.1 microns; Z axis positioning repeatability is ± 0.2 microns. Sony Precision Technology America Inc., Lake Forest, Calif.


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