Sub-Nanometer Precision Hybrid Positioning Systems for Vertical Inspection Tools in Nanotechnology and Semiconductors

Improvement in the accuracy of motion control tools for nanotechnology can be achieved with adaptronic design principals and integration of piezo technology in the system design. Two new concepts for high linear accuracy and large travel ranges, were developed. The first one is based on a piezo actuator based walking drive mechanism and the second one uses the mechatronic combination of piezoelectric and motorized drives controlled by a common incremental sensor loop. Such hybrid positioning systems can satisfy the requirements of most applications that require long-range motion and nanometer precision.
Test equipment for semiconductor technology requires horizontal and vertical positioning stages for sensors and optics. This paper describes a new adaptronic product design, specially prepared for vertical motion of optics for inspection or profiling systems. Simultaneous control of piezo flexure actuators and motorized drives provides inches of travel with nanometer to subnanometer resolution.

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