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Lasertec is an industry leader in inspection and metrology for the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, FPD, renewable energy, life science and other industries.

The origin of Lasertec Corporation dates back to 1960 when Yasushi Uchiyama founded a small firm to develop X-ray television systems. For over 50 years since its inception, Lasertec has grown steadily, bringing a number of innovative inspection and measurement systems to market, led by the corporate philosophy, “Create unique solutions. Create new value.”


Our technologies and products play an important role in enhancing productivity and reliability of semiconductors and flat panel displays. Thanks to high quality and affordable consumer electronics, people enjoy better living today than yesterday. It is our hope that we make a small share of contribution to further accelerate this trend.

WASAVI (WAfer Surface Analyzing and VIsualization) SICA 6X is one of Lasertec’s latest innovations for Silicon Carbide defect inspection. With the increased activities in the area of SiC power devices, the market required a new breed of inspection tools that could capture and analyze SiC unique defects with high sensitivity and high speed. SICA’s unique combination of confocal and DIC optics along with the accurate ADC feature enabled customers to capture defects and improve their processes to significantly improve the device yield. Today, SICA dominates the Power Device manufacturing market in Japan and expanding its market to outside, leveraging the success in Japan.


Another example is BGM300. As part of the WASAVI line-up of metrology and inspection tools for 3DIC with TSV and advanced packaging applications, the BGM300 represents Lasertec’s latest offering in TSV Back Grinding Process Measurement Systems. The tool utilizes Lasertec’s proprietary interferometer and IR optics to enable quick and efficient measurement of critical components like TSV depth, device wafer thickness and remaining silicon thickness (RST) above the TSV. The tool’s design makes it possible for both pre-grind (full thickness wafers) and post-grind wafers (ultra-thin wafers) to be analyzed. These measurements are vital for control and optimization of the back grinding process and via reveal etch process, which if done incorrectly, can lead to serious backside contamination and complications in downstream processes. An added benefit of the BGM300 is the ability to detect bow/warp and TTV issues with bonded wafers. The BGM300 provides the optimum solution for back grinding process control and management.

Our mission is to be the frontrunner of the optical technology field and help customers overcome new challenges arising from continuing innovations. It is our goal that we keep growing through creation of unique solutions and new values for our customers. For more details, contact your local Lasertec representative for more details and to schedule an evaluation.


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