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SRC, UC Davis explore new materials and device structures to develop next-generation “Race Track Memory” technologies
Columbia researchers observe tunable quantum behavior in bilayer graphene
Singapore researchers use FEI Titan S/TEM to link plasmonics with molecular electronics
UC Santa Barbara researchers introduce highest performing III-V metal-oxide semiconductor FET
LG-Swiss researchers announce graphene membrane breakthrough
Researchers improve performance of III-V nanowire solar cells on graphene
Promising news for solar fuels from Berkeley Lab researchers at JCAP
Researchers at UC study zero-dimensional quantum dots
Researchers develop new technique for probing subsurface electronic structure
Oxford Instruments shares expertise with nanotechnology researchers in India
Penn researchers grow liquid "flowers" that can be used as lenses
Researchers advance scheme to design seamless integrated circuits etched on graphene
Researchers demonstrate 'accelerator on a chip'
Researchers offer explanation for strange magnetic behavior at semiconductor interfaces
Michigan Tech researchers develop 3D graphene
NJIT researchers examine dynamics of liquid metal particles at nanoscale
UCLA researchers double efficiency of novel solar cell
Researchers report quantum networking milestone
Researchers discover a new model for creating ultra-low resistance metal/oxide contacts
University of Manchester researchers cultivate first graphene-based transistor
University of Illinois researchers measure behavior of semiconductor plasmonic microparticles
Researchers find surface diffusion plays significant role in shapes of catalytic nanoparticles
University of Cambridge researchers seek to further reduce cost and improve efficiency with GaN LEDs
Singapore researchers unveil glasses-free 3D display tech
MIT researchers observe nanowires lifting liquids as effectively as tubes
Leading photonics and laser researchers to present latest work at SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics
KIT researchers develop smallest vibration sensor in the quantum world
Researcher finds faster, more efficient technique for creating high-density ceramics
UCLA researchers refine 'NanoVelcro' device to grab single cancer cells from blood
Researchers create semiconductor 'nano-shish-kebabs' with potential for 3-D technologies
Researchers from ST and CEA-Leti receive Général Ferrié Award
Laser diode researchers order Oxford Instruments ion beam depo tool
LED researchers in China order AIXTRON MOCVD tool
Researchers install AIXTRON MOCVD for GaN-on-Si power device R&D;
IBM spintronics researchers map semiconductor’s persistent spin helix
MEMS researcher among President Obama’s outstanding scientists
Printed electronics researchers in Europe install Optomec jet deposition tools
Interviews with CEA-Leti researchers at SEMICON West
SIA recognizes semiconductor researchers, policy supporters
MEMS researchers at UToronto purchase plasma etch tool from Oxford Instruments
Researchers model ion bombardment for better nanofabrication
Vistec delivers electron-beam lithography system to ITME researchers in Poland
LED researchers install VECO MOCVD in Korea
Nanophotonics researchers install NanoInk patterning tool at Osaka U
NCSU researchers create functional oxide films
Supramolecular researchers install NanoInk lithography system
Northwestern researchers advance Li-ion batteries with graphene-silicon sandwich
Nobel Prize awarded to quasicrystals researcher
Stanford, SLAC researchers gate a topological insulator