Second quarter graphics chip shipments: AMD tops the chart, Intel is up, Nvidia is down

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) announced estimated graphics chip shipments and suppliers’ market share for 2013 2Q.

While the news was disappointing year-to-year, the news was encouraging quarter-to-quarter.

AMD overall unit shipments increased 10.9 percent, quarter-to-quarter, Intel increased 6.2 percent, and Nvidia decreased by 8 percent.

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The overall PC market declined 2.5 percent quarter-to-quarter while the graphics market increased 4.6 percent. Overall this net 7.1 percent increase reflects an interest on the part of consumers for double-attach—the adding of a discrete GPU to a system with integrated processor graphics, and to a lesser extent dual AIBs in performance desktop machines.

On a year-to-year basis we found that total graphics shipments during Q2’13 dropped 6.8 percent while PC shipments which declined by at a faster rate of 11.2 percent overall. GPUs are traditionally a leading indicator of the market, since a GPU goes into every system before it is shipped and most of the PC vendors are guiding down to flat for Q3’13.

The popularity of tablets and the persistent economic slowness are the most often mentioned reasons for the decline in the PC market and the CAGR for PC graphics from 2012 to 2016 is -1.4 percent; JPR expects the total shipments of graphics chips in 2016 to be 319 million units.

JPR’s findings include discrete and integrated graphics (CPU and chipset) for Desktops, Notebooks (and Netbooks), and PC-based commercial (i.e., POS) and industrial/scientific and embedded. This report does not include handhelds (i.e., mobile phones), x86 Servers or ARM-based Tablets (i.e. iPad and Android-based Tablets), Smartbooks, or ARM-based Servers. It does include x86-based tablets.

The quarter in review:

  • AMD’s shipments of desktop heterogeneous GPU/CPUs, i.e., APUs declined 9.6 percent from Q1 and increased an astounding 47.1 percent in notebooks. The company’s overall PC graphics shipments increased 10.9 percent.
  • Intel’s desktop processor-graphics EPG shipments decreased from last quarter by 1.4 percent, and Notebooks increased by 12.13 percent. The company’s overall PC graphics shipments increased 6.2 percent.
  • Nvidia’s desktop discrete shipments were down 8.9 percent from last quarter; and, the company’s mobile discrete shipments decreased 7.1 percent. The company’s overall PC graphics shipments declined 8.0 percent.
  • Year-to-year this quarter AMD overall PC shipments declined 15.8 percent, Intel dropped 12.9 percent, Nvidia declined 5.1 percent, and VIA fell 12.4 percent from last year.
  • Total discrete GPUs (desktop and notebook) were down 5.5 percent from the last quarter and were down 5.2 percent from last year for the same quarter due to the same problems plaguing the overall PC industry. Overall the trend for discrete GPUs is up with a CAGR to 2016 of -2.2 percent.
  • Ninety nine percent of Intel’s non-server processors have graphics, and over 67 percent of AMD’s non-server processors contain integrated graphics; AMD still ships IGPs.

Year-to-year for the quarter the graphics market decreased. Shipments were down 16.1 million units from this quarter last year.


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