SEMICON West 2012 exhibits preview: Wafer processing and handling

June 18, 2012 -- Following are some of the new and flagship wafer fab products and supporting facility products, like vacuum valves, that will be on the show floor at SEMICON West, from ion implant to MOCVD traps and gas blenders.

High-current ion implant

The Applied Varian VIISta Trident single-wafer, high-current ion implant system embeds dopant atoms on 20nm wafers at high yields. The VIISta Trident precisely tailors dopant concentration and depth profile to optimizing dopant activation and suppress defects in the extension, source/drain junction and contact regions at 20nm. The tool has a proprietary dual-magnet ribbon beam architecture for enhanced performance at low energy. The system's Energy Purity Module virtually eliminates high-energy species that can "smear" the transistor channel. Integrated cryogenic technology enables production implants as low as -100°C. Applied Materials Inc., South Hall, Booths 407, 552, 847, 1135, 2051, 2219.


Ion beam system

MicroSystems’ new IonSys 800 precision ion beam tool provides structuring and finishing processes down to a sub-nanometer scale. It features proprietary ion beam sources and is fully compatible with reactive ion beam processing based on fluorine and chlorine gas chemistry. The IonSys 800 system suits industrial ion beam etching and deposition processes with high quality and productivity requirements. Its automatic handling robot features a cassette load-look and can be configured in cluster layouts. MicroSystems, South Hall, Booth 1924.


Fluid dispenser

GPD Global will give live demonstrations of the new Island 3S benchtop manufacturing solution for LED manufacturing. The dispense system features a large work area of 12" x 16", an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and will be configured with a PCD dispense pump. GPD will have a display of dispense pumps to cover a wide range of dispensing applications. The Hyflow dispense pump suits heavy fluids such as thermal grease, the MicroDot valve will be on display for precision small volume dispensing such as conductive adhesives and solder pastes. Additionally, the Syringe mixing system format enables homogeneity of fluids such as silicone with phosphor. GPD Global, North Hall, Booth 6085.


MOCVD trap

Nor-Cal Products provides MOCVD device manufacturers increased up time with their new three-stage trap. Features include a removable water coil assembly and particle filter with 50% greater capacity. The trap proffers lower initial cost, lower cost of ownership, high capacity for extended PM, and ease of cleaning in GaN MOCVD reactors; AsP MOCVD reactors; and Aixtron G3, G4 and G5 systems. Nor-Cal Products, South Hall, Booth 2441.

Manual wafer handling tool

Virtual Industries Inc.’s new WV-9000 WAFER-VAC System handles wafers and solar cells without requiring in-house air plumbing. The compact, general-purpose wafer vacuum handling tool plugs directly into 110 Volt 50/60 Hz, and is ESD safe and Class-100 cleanroom compatible. Its diaphragm vacuum pump generates up to 10” of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. The WV-9000 comes with a push-button wafer tip pen VWP-500-2.5mm, and a 6 foot clear coiled vacuum hose (VCH-2.5mm-6). Virtual Industries, South Hall, Booth 2427.


Aluminum transfer valves

HVA’s new high-performance aluminum slit valve range offer a slim profile and low vibration/particle levels, with reportedly light weight and high strength. Each valve component meets the throughput requirements of coating systems with up to 3 million cycles before maintenance. The valves are available in a range of sizes up to 2000mm as well as standard MESC 200/300/450mm sizes. HVA, South Hall, Booth 2625.


Gas blending system

Blixer from SEMI-GAS Systems is a custom gas blender that provides a continuous flow of precisely blended gases. It can blend two component-forming gas mixtures or mix three, four or more gas components into uniform, controlled mixtures. Blixer gas blenders meet application-specific requirements for flow, pressure, mixture percentage and blending accuracy. The gas mixture percentages can be adjusted by the operator during use via the onboard touchscreen interface. Blixer can support fluctuating usage and variable flow rates from multiple points, each with independent duty cycles. It uses mass flow controllers and offers an optional gas analyzer. Blending routines are completely automated. Blixer continuously monitors system performance and safety conditions with auto shutdown or notifications on alarms. SEMI-GAS Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems Inc., South Hall, Booth 810.

Integrated vertical and rotation stage

Newport Corporation’s ZVR specialized Integrated Vertical and Rotation Stage, the ZVR-PP with a stepper motor or the ZVR-PC with a servo-driven DC motor, is used for semiconductor wafer positioning, metrology, inspection, and repair, it is also useful in LED production and applications such as 3D scanning, digitizing models, and validation. Newport’s ZVR features a compact and rigid design with improved cantilevered load capacity. With significantly lower cross-talk than earlier designs, the new stage delivers higher dynamic system performance in a low-profile footprint. The low mass, along with a high natural frequency, accommodates a variety of rapid step-and-settle positioning applications. The ZVR vertical platform has a wide, 3-point base with a stepper-motor-driven 10mm Z-stage. The integrated stainless steel rotation stage features smooth operation with stainless steel ball bearings. The rotation stages provide continuous 360° rotation for angular travel. An optional linear encoder for the Z-stage, or the Z-stage without the rotation stage, are also available. The three-point bottom interface permits mounting to any XY stage or other platform. A large, clear aperture through the center of the stage simplifies electrical cable and vacuum-chuck cable/hose management. All electrical and vacuum chuck utility connections are located together. Newport Corporation, South Hall, Booth 1507.

Transfer valves for 200-450mm semiconductor wafers and LED wafers

VAT Vakuumventile AG launched a transfer valve designed for semiconductor applications handling 200mm, 300mm and 450mm wafers and HB-LED applications. VAT REAL L-MOTION valves handle corrosive process environments in etch and CVD tools. The actuator has integrated, mechanically triggered sequence control with a fully protected bellows feedthrough. VAT REAL L-MOTION valves allow for easy access gate exchange through the top cover; no adjustment is required after service. Uniform sealing compression is achieved due to Real L-motion movement and an adjustable closing force (depending on elastomer), minimizing particle generation from the seal. The valve is pneumatically operated and locked in closed and open position. VAT offers standard and customized valves. VAT, South Hall, Booth 919.


FKM+PTFE seal for vacuums

VICTRA-ER from VALQUA is an advanced “hybrid” FKM+PTFE seal, combining semiconductor-grade FKM (fluoroelastomer) for high-vacuum sealing with a PTFE “liner” for radical resistance. VICTRA-ER suits harsh RF and microwave-based plasma environments, with the vacuum seal maintained by the high-performance FKM material, and plasma radicals resisted by high-purity PTFE that won’t introduce particles or metallic elements into the process. VICTRA-ER withstands operating temperatures up to 200°C. It can be used in semiconductor applications: plasma etching (metal, poly, oxide), CVD (PECVD, HDP-CVD), PVD, plasma ashers/strippers, and other plasma-based IC manufacturing processes. VICTRA-ER seals are available in AS568A-, KF-, and NW-standard sizes or special sizes upon request. VALQUA offers seal designs based on specific groove designs, counterface materials, and location within the chamber (e.g. lid area, wafer chuck, gas injector, showerhead, foreline/exhaust line, etc.). VALQUA, Booth 1430.

Vacuum pumps and abatement systems

Edwards will showcase dry vacuum pumps at SEMICON West that use less energy and need less maintenance than oil-sealed pumps. Edwards’ abatement systems also reduce operating expenses and maintenance requirements while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint, the company says. Edwards will feature the STP-iXR1606 series of magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pumps (TMP), which offer 40% improvement in throughput and an increase of nearly 90% in maximum gas flow, compared to existing products. Also highlighted in the booth are the GXS 450 and 750 series of dry vacuum pumps that meet high-throughput solar lamination process needs. Edwards, Booth 5351.

SiC tool components

Bridgestone is launching high-performance silicon carbide (SiC): PureBeta for peripheral semiconductor processing equipment components. The precision-machined components are made of ultra-high-purity sintered SiC with high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, and durability in chemicals. Products include wafer process components such as wafer-holder plate for SiC-Epi/MOCVD, dummy wafers, disc plates, rings and heater filaments etc. 450mm parts are now available. Bridgestone, South Hall, Booth 447.

Ultra-high-purity gas analyzer

The newest addition to Tiger’s HALO family line, the HALO KA, provides a compact, ultra-high-purity gas analyzer. Its modular construction features ease-of-use with freedom from calibration, consumables, and routine maintenance costs. The laser-based HALO KA offers sensitivity, stability and low detection levels for ultra-high-purity analysis. Various gases can be detected in the most complex matrices, including hydrides, fluorides and corrosive gases. The new ALOHA+ H2O trace moisture analyzer for ultra-high-purity gases offers HB-LEDs manufacturers extreme sensitivity to moisture in ammonia. Tiger Optics, Booth 1201.

Low-cost plasma etching system

Plasma Etch Inc.’s low-cost benchtop plasma cleaning system, the PE-50, for semiconductor and similar applications is now available in an expanded chamber version with high rate etching capabilities, the PE50XL-HF. The PE-50XL-HF uses a new expanded 8" x 8" x 4" aluminum vacuum chamber for accommodating substrates/wafers up to 6" diameter. The system incorporates a 100W 13.56 MHz RF power supply with automatic RF tuning. The PE-50XL-HF also includes 2 gas meters for independent gas flow control or gas mixing introduction into the vacuum chamber. A 5 CFM vacuum pump charged with Krytox oil for Oxygen compatibility is included, with a dry pump optional. Plasma Etch Systems uses PLC control systems for automatic process sequencing. A keypad is used for operator entry and one complete process recipe can be displayed and stored in memory for reliable operation and repeatable results. Applications include photoresist ashing, etching of Si/Oxides/Nitrides and polymer etching. The plasma process also increases surface energy enabling a hydrophilic surface improving bond strength. Plasma Etch Inc., Booth 6566.


Springless diaphragm valves

The Swagelok DE series ultra-high-purity springless diaphragm valves features a formed aluminum housing on a 1.125 in. footprint. The valve is designed for modular gas systems. Swagelok eliminated the threads that typically connect the actuator components and attach the actuator to the valve body, allowing larger-diameter pistons in the same standard footprint. The center cylinder of the actuator design provides an additional active piston to increase the force output of the actuator. The formed actuator also reduces the valve height. A smaller body in the design efficiently uses 316L VIM-VAR material. A fully contained seat design minimizes chemical and thermal swelling. Swagelok provides corner chamfers on the outlet side of the body to indicate flow direction (top view) and match actuator orientation for installation. The DE series has a high-integrity all-welded seal to atmosphere. After undergoing SC-01 ultrahigh-purity cleaning, the diaphragm is hermetically sealed in the clean room environment. Stresses are reduced on the welded seal at high flow rates. A proprietary weld isolation ring protects the weld from the cyclic actuation load of the valve.  Available with pneumatic or manual actuators, the DE series can be ordered in two- or three-port configurations. The pneumatic actuator is permanently attached to the body assembly. Normally closed and normally open models have a color-coded indicator button. The manual actuator offers one-quarter turn window handle for quick actuation. The handle orientation to body is fixed for ease of installation. The valve is available in both C-seal and W-seal designs. The W-seal features a specially designed bolt retention ring that rolls down on the cylinder to keep bolts in place during assembly and reassembly. Swagelok, South Hall, Booth 1431.

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