Thermal Management Product Roundup

As packages become smaller and more powerful, the need for effective thermal management becomes paramount. A package that effectively dissipates heat stays cooler, functions better and is ultimately more reliable. In response to this critical and growing industry, Advanced Packaging has compiled a variety of thermal management products. Take a few moments to review the products of interest and circle their corresponding number on the reader service card to receive more information. For faster results, fax the card to 413-637-4343.

Hardware/Software Recording System

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The Model CL2001 ChamberLog is a complete hardware/software system designed to provide an alternative to circular-chart recorders for logging temperature data and other physical measurements in environmental test chambers, heat-treating furnaces and related applications. As a distributed datalogging system, it can mix and match up to four individually configurable inputs per chamber. The program saves test-chamber results to disk as a spreadsheet for analysis, printing, graphing or storage.
JC Systems Inc.,
San Diego, Calif.

Thermal-interface Gel

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The HeatPath GTQ 1540 interface material is designed with a nontacky side that reportedly does not attract dust and a tacky side that enables the gel material to stay in place during assembly, without the need for adhesives. Said to be soft and conformable, with low thermal resistance and low compression force, this gel-based product comes in standard thickness ranging from 0.25 to 1.0 mm.
Raychem Corp.,
Menlo Park, Calif.

Elastomer Systems

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Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P. introduced new grades of Santoprene 8000 thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that are said to offer UV stability and processing advantages. These UV-stable grades are colorable and reportedly provide performance for applications that are exposed to prolonged, direct sunlight. They can be processed using injection molding, extrusion, blow molding or other melt-processing techniques. Available in 60 and 70 Shore-A durometers, the new grades are said to be nonhygroscopic (they will not pick up moisture).
Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P.,
Akron, Ohio

CPU Cooler

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The Ultra-Slim Mini Modular Fan Cooler is a compact CPU cooler for notebook PCs. It reportedly dissipates between 20 to 25 W of heat and is suitable for notebook PCs measuring less than 1 inch in through thickness. It consists of a heat collector, an axial blower, bonded fins and a heat pipe. Its dimensions are 75 x 80 mm, and the thermal resistance is 1.5°C/W.
Enertron Inc.,
Mesa, Ariz.

Phase-change Material

The T-pcm 705c phase-change material is now available in 0.005-in. (0.125 mm) thickness only. It has a thermal conductivity of 1 W/m°C and a thermal resistance of 0.06°C-in2/W at 0.005-in. thicknesses. It also is color-coded to easily identify material series. The 705c series will now be black, while the T-pcm 900 Series will remain yellow. The material is flexible but solid at room temperature (23°C), which is said to make it easy to handle and apply using normal manufacturing techniques.
Thermagon Inc.,
Cleveland, Ohio

Thermal Interface Material

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Toptherm Red 86/82 thermal interface material for heat sinks and integrated circuits (including high-speed chips) offers a simplified application with its flexible reinforced design. Material is available with an optical one-sided adhesive that ensures excellent surface contact. The high thermal conductivity of 6.5 W/mK and low thermal resistance of 0.09 K/W provides good heat dissipation, electrical isolation and guarantees performance and reliability between heat sinks and hot devices.
MH&W International Corp.,
Mahwah, N.J.

Cooling Solution

Thermacore International has designed a solution for cooling telecommunications equipment such as power amplifiers. This system incorporates heat pipes and sealed two-phase heat-transfer devices. The system's design dissipates heat by natural convection, and heat pipes are passive components. There are said to be no maintenance requirements. Designs for these heat-pipe systems reportedly dissipate a range of 50 to 200 W.
Thermacore International Inc.,
Lancaster, Pa.

Thermal Management

Copperhead Coolers are cooling methods for IC devices. Said to be thin and flexible, they have pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive for attachment to component packages. The adhesive is formulated for bonding to plastic, metal or ceramic surfaces. Standard and custom configurations are available.
Thermalloy/Future Electronics Corp.,
Bolton, Mass.

Product Catalog

Wakefield Engineering has released a newly revised and updated full-line product catalog that includes photos and technical drawings, mechanical dimensions, product features and benefits, thermal-resistance data and ordering information. Newly added to the catalog are a new line of products for Intel Pentium II, Pentium III and Xeon processors and chipsets, AMD K7 processors, and BGAs; new stamped products and interface materials; and sections dedicated to two Wakefield subsidiaries.
Wakefield Engineering Inc.,
Beverly, Mass.


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