ASE K7 receives Green Factory Label

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc (TAIEX: 2311, NYSE: ASX), a semiconductor assembly and test service provider, announced that its K7 manufacturing facility in Kaohsiung has received the Green Factory Label from the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. K7 is the sixth factory following K3, K5, K11, K12 and K15, at the ASE Kaohsiung Nantze campus to receive the label.

ASE is fully committed to corporate sustainability through actions that produce tangible results and meet our goal of co-existence with the environment. In 2009, ASE Kaohsiung green building plans were drawn up to combine nature with technology, and provide a green factory environment optimized for living, productivity and the ecology. The ASE K7 building has incorporated green innovation, eco-friendly designs, energy and water conservation, waste reduction, low carbon and various environmental benchmarks to achieve the green factory label.

‘Sustainability has always been at the core of ASE’s corporate philosophy,’ said KC Chou, senior vice president, ASE. ‘In 2014, ASE Kaohsiung implemented the EEWH-RN system and adopted ‘clean production’. Beginning with sustainable product design and production, green management, social responsibility to innovation; these four facets helped reduce resource consumption, reduce waste, lower impacts to the environment and other improvements that aim to strike a balance between economic and environmental sustainability. Our Kaohsiung facilities are constantly challenged to establish energy reduction goals and each department regularly proposes diverse programs to lower carbon footprints. This year, K7 is also working towards achieving the EEWH-RN diamond grade. At ASE, we will continuously raise the bar on our sustainability performance,’ he concluded.

About ASE Sustainability Actions and Results


  • Green innovation. The use of DI water to replace acetic acid reduced the usage of organic acid by 14,400 liters.
  • Green material usage. The use of boron-free developing agent reduced boron-containing agent usage by 1,830 liters and boron-containing liquid waste by 2,015 metric tons per year. The use of lead-free solder paste reduced usage of lead paste by 1,500 kg per year.
  • Energy efficient manufacturing process. Improvements made to the adsorption dryer reduced energy usage by 278,495 kWh per year.
  • Water efficiency. The use of chamber piping to control water flow resulted in water savings of 314.52 tons per year. Employing UF and RO systems further reduced wastewater discharge volume by 15,600 tons.
  • Lower carbon emissions. Converting the fixed frequency of chilled water pumps and cooling water pumps to variable frequency enabled us to reduce 625 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. Energy efficiency lights are installed throughout the factory premises, further reducing 793 tons of CO2 equivalent per year.
  • Waste reduction. Establishing a central chemical delivery system helped reduce the use of 1,208 chemical barrels per year. We also reduced photoresist coating usage by 14,400 liters per year. Gold and copper reuse amounted to 474.45 kg per year. Wafer cassette reuse amounted to 39,795 pieces per year.

Building certifications as of August 31, 2017

  • LEED rating:Kaohsiung K12, K21, K22, K23, K26;Chung Li Buildings K and L;Shanghai Headquarters
  • EEWH rating:Kaohsiung K3, K4, K5, K7, K11, K12, K14B(water recycling facility), K15, K16, K21, K26;Chung Li Building A
  • Green Factory Label:Kaohsiung K3, K5, K7, K11, K12, K15
  • In progress: The construction of our new K24 building in Kaohsiung has taken into consideration of ‘low carbon footprint building’ methodologies from the transportation of materials, equipment, type of material used, renovation, dismantling and the entire building’s life cycle.


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