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Agilent powers the solar revolution with industry leading solutions and technical/application knowledge. Order Agilent’s Powering the Solar Revolution CD and access application notes, technical articles, recorded presentations, video demos and product/solution information at your fingertips.  Learn More.

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Measuring: The Key Component For Optimizing Your Solar Simulator

Measurement of a solar simulator is a very important task and should be completed at least every 3 months. Lamps and power outputs of simulators change over time which can lead to less than optimal results when measuring photovoltaic cells. For optimal conditions including conforming to standard test conditions we recommend using a calibrated spectroradiometer for measurement.  This docume...


NCP Technology Paves the Way for Integrated, Advanced Packages

March 5, 2012 Underfills have been part of the electronics landscape for decades, offering protection for numerous devices inside a variety of electronic products. Different types of applications – everything from automotive to smart phones to computers – use various package designs such as PoPs, BGAs and stacked packages, whereby all of the electronic interconnects are protected by some sort of underfill ma...
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Ignore Detection of Partial Discharge Failures NOW--Pay Massive Amounts Later!

February 29, 2012 The Partial Discharge phenomenon has been plaguing the electrical and electronic industries for many years, by damaging equipment and increasing production costs. In the case of HV opto devices, this pervasive invader is caused by impurities and/or voids in the encapsulation material surrounding the device. When high voltages are present across the semiconductor, the impurities act as miniature...
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Enabling Thinner Packages through Novel Materials Innovations

October 31, 2011 According to a new industry report, thinned wafers will comprise the majority of wafers in the device market by 2016. (1) The study indicates that memory and logic chips will account for the largest percentage of thinned wafers used, with memory stacks projected to be packaged at 25 microns thick in just four short years. Wire bonding will also remain a dominant technology, says the report, but...
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Silver Price Control: New Materials Technology Helps Mitigate Silver’s Rising Cost

April 8, 2011 With the relentless rise in silver prices over the past couple of years has come a packaging production cost challenge for device manufacturers: how to manage the faster, better, cheaper demands of consumers alongside such a challenging market factor. Silver is a critical metal in electronics production – particularly for the packaging sector in which conductive die attach pastes are filled wit...

Cooling Thin Consumer Electronic Devices

September 28, 2010 Today’s modern electronic devices are more dense and capable than ever before. Cooling these devices is important not only for the reliability and stability of the electronic circuitry, but also for the comfort of the user and the integrity of the display technology. System-on-chip (SOC) technology has aggregated the functionality of many disparate devices into fewer monolithic circuits. ...

Delivering Optimized High Performance Computing Through Advanced Interconnects

September 28, 2010 The most important element in the microelectronics performance, be it low power, electrical performance or reliability, is the interconnect from the chip to the package. As the power to drive the signal is reduced to meet thermal performance and extend battery life, the interconnect has to be short, highly conducting and reliable. The wire-bond cannot be used for high IO and high performance; e...

The Coolest Compounds

August 10, 2010 Through heat dissipation, thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds play a pivotal role in the protection of today’s electronic circuitry.  In tandem with the great growth of the technological sector comes the need for a new generation of innovative, highly advanced solutions capable of reliable performance in the ever increasing temperatures of electronic devices. Master Bond’s...


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