imec advances CMOS beyond silicon to Ge, III-V

December 14, 2011 Marc Heyns, fellow at research consortium imec, discusses the group's work on chip fab materials beyond silicon, namely, Ge and III-V, presented in "Advancing CMOS beyond the silicon roadmap w...

imec claims RRAM is smallest based on HfO2

December 14, 2011

During IEDM, imec presented the world’s smallest, fully-functional HfO2-based resistive RAM (RRAM) cell, with an area of less than 10 x 10nm².

IEEE IITC keynotes to come from Intel, NVIDIA

December 13, 2011

Mike Mayberry, VP and director of components research, Intel Corp. and Billy Dally, VP and chief scientist, NVIDIA will keynote the 15th Annual IEEE IITC, June 2012 in San Jose, CA.

SuVolta's DDC transistor technology @ IEDM

December 8, 2011

SuVolta Inc., developer of scalable low-power CMOS technologies, revealed its Deeply Depleted Channel (DDC) low-power transistor technology at IEEE's IEDM 2011 this week in Washington DC.

Printed Electronics 2011: Chips, inks, tissue boxes, and apps in between

December 7, 2011 Techcet's Michael A. Fury spent a day at the recent Printed Electronics/Photovoltaics event, where discussions ranged from past, present, and future applications -- from e-readers, organic LEDs, TF...


Surface Cleaning and Preparation

This introduction requires the development of new critical and selective cleans tackling galvanic corrosion, pattern collapse both in FEOL and BEOL...

450mm Status Report

Hear from the G450C General Manager, Paul Farrar Jr., on the current status of activities, key milestones and schedules, and imec’s senior business...
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Innovation in Semiconductor Manufacturing Instrumentation

As the semiconductor industry moves toward smaller geometries, manufacturing processes are becoming more complex. In particular, they’re more deman...
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