MEMS at heart of new iNEMI efforts, starting with test/reliability

Tue, Mar 13, 2012

iNEMI began 2 collaborative efforts related to micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology, specifically reliability and test, and will host a workshop on MEMS in May.

Qualtre adds MEMS-industry veteran for customer/partner development

Mon, Mar 12, 2012

Qualtré appointed Mark Laich as VP of sales and business development, responsible for customer and partner development as Qualtré launches its latest iteration of inertial sensing technologies.

Multitest delivers MEMS testing for pick-and-place set ups

Mon, Mar 12, 2012

Multitest expanded its MEMS portfolio to pick-and-place test applications with the introduction of its test and calibration cart for the MT9510.

Attend Image Sensors 2012 in London

Fri, Mar 9, 2012

Image Sensors 2012, March 20-22 in London, will highlight the emergence of CMOS image sensors against those based on TFTs, applications possibilities for 3D cameras and non-visual spectrum cameras, and more.

Media tablets join top 5 semiconductor end-markets in 2012

Fri, Mar 9, 2012

Media tablets, experiencing "remarkably rapid ascension," will become the 4th largest application for semiconductors by 2014, up from 35th in 2010, according to IHS.

Confovis taps Digital Surf for metrology tool imaging software

Fri, Mar 9, 2012

Confovis will begin providing MountainsMap imaging and surface analysis software from Digital Surf with its ConfoCAM LED grid-confocal measuring systems for inspection and research.

Micro-optics formed with halftone gel lithography, bio inspiration

Thu, Mar 8, 2012

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a new tool for manufacturing three-dimensional shapes easily and cheaply, to aid advances in biomedicine, robotics and tunable micro-optics.

MEMSCAP ships 1M MEMS-based thermally actuated VOA

Wed, Mar 7, 2012

MEMSCAP (Paris:MEMS), provider of MEMS based products, topped 1 million units shipped of its Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuator chips.

NCSU researchers create functional oxide films

Wed, Mar 7, 2012

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed the first functional oxide thin films that can be used efficiently in electronics, opening the door to an array of new high-power devices and smart sensors.

Tour MEMS lines and clinical bio-MEMS research labs in Grenoble

Tue, Mar 6, 2012

AEPI and CEA-Leti will co-host a site visit to CEA-Leti and other facilities on the MINATEC campus, Grenoble, following MEMS Executive Congress Europe on March 23.

Large-wafer MEMS thermopile production brings IR detectors to new applications

Mon, Mar 5, 2012

New MEMS thermopile players and applications are boosting market growth for infrared (IR) detectors, finds Yole Développement.

CNSE MEMS center earns ISO 9001:2008 registration

Mon, Mar 5, 2012

The CNSE STC, which performs micro electromechanical system (MEMS) and nanotechnology-enabled manufacturing and packaging, successfully completed ISO 9001:2008 registration.

Tessera gains camera module manufacturing assets through Flextronics deal

Fri, Mar 2, 2012

Tessera Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:TSRA), through its wholly owned subsidiary, DigitalOptics Corporation (DOC) will acquire certain assets of Vista Point Technologies, a Tier-One-qualified camera module manufacturing business of Flextronics.

MEMSIC (MEMS) shares 2012 goals

Thu, Mar 1, 2012

After reporting Q4 2011 results, MEMS supplier MEMSIC Inc. (NasdaqGM: MEMS) discussed its 2 main goals for 2012.

Gyroscope MEMS depose accelerometers in 2011 revenues

Thu, Mar 1, 2012

Gyroscopes generated more revenues in 2011 than any other consumer/mobile MEMS, the first time gyroscopes topped accelerometers, reports IHS.

Integrated smart systems with MEMS sensors

Thu, Mar 1, 2012

Jay Esfandyari, Fabio Pasolini, Gang Xu, STMicroelectronics, Coppell, TX

2011 ITRS: DRAM, 3D Flash, MEMS, nano-scaling steal the show

Thu, Mar 1, 2012

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) released the 2011 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), a roadmap of near-term and long-term challenges and innovations for the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry through 2026.

Nanolab Technologies doubles space for IC analysis services

Wed, Feb 29, 2012

Nanolab Technologies Incorporated inaugurated its 47,000sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility in Milpitas, CA, more than doubling Nanolab Technologies' space.

MIT designs completely 3D MEMS

Wed, Feb 29, 2012

MIT researchers have come up with a new approach to MEMS design that enables engineers to design 3D configurations using existing fabrication processes. They built a MEMS device that enables 3D sensing on a single chip.

Xsens sensor fusion software ready for motion sensing in consumer electronics

Tue, Feb 28, 2012

Xsens introduced a suite of sensor fusion software for smartphones, media tablets and other mobile devices.


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