New approach aims to slash cost of solar cells

03/08/2012 Solar-powered electricity prices could soon approach those of power from coal or natural gas thanks to collaborative research with solar start-up A...

Update: More details on Apple's NC solar farm

03/07/2012 One month after revealing plans for a big solar project at its new data farm in North Carolina, Apple has opened the kimono a bit more to show the ...

Thin-film solar PV suppliers unite under "PVThin" banner

03/06/2012 A half-dozen firms are promoting thin-film solar PV's "social, economic and environmental benefits." Silicon need not apply.

UAE's Microsol buying Solon's assets

03/06/2012 Another facet to the solar sector's ongoing consolidation: Solon has agreed to be bought by Microsol, a solar cell manufacturer based in the United...

Performing plastics: New marks for polymer solar cells


New benchmarks are still far from commercial power generation, but consumer apps are a low-hanging fruit.

How to survive solar's unhealthy consolidation

03/02/2012 As the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry plows through the current consolidation, here's a list of things to understand and remember about pricing, ...

Why Solar Flagships' peril won't derail PV in Australia

03/01/2012 Australia's Solar Flagships program was meant to pave the way for large-scale solar power development, but recent problems illustrate why the marke...

First Solar's 4Q11 takeaways: Warranty woes, and a radical idea

02/29/2012 First Solar's (FSLR) fiscal 4Q11 and 2011 results came with a couple of unexpected surprises -- including a big nasty one related to performance is...

Surprise: Chinese suppliers dominate solar PV module rankings

02/28/2012 Try not to act surprised that the familiar Chinese suppliers still sit atop the list of solar PV module shipments in 2011, though one is making a s...


Evolution or revolution: the path for metrology beyond the 22nm node

Metrology solutions are currently being investigated by SEMATECH to address the challenges of future nodes. Abraham Arceo, Benjamin Bunday, Aaron Cordes, and...

The "maturing" of the industry

The maturing semidonductor industry, Pete Singer

LED Market Grew 9.8% To $12.5 Billion In 2011

The worldwide high-brightness LED market grew from $11.3 billion in 2010 to $12.5 billion in 2011, a growth rate of 9.8%, according to Strategies Unlimited, ...




Powering The Solar Revolution

Powering the Solar Revolution Resource CD Agilent powers the solar revolution with industry leading solutions and technical/application knowledge. ...
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Measuring: The Key Component For Optimizing Your Solar Simulator

Measurement of a solar simulator is a very important task and should be completed at least every 3 months. Lamps and power outputs of simulators ch...


FREE WEBCAST: The Impact of Soldering Materials and Process on cSi Module Reliability

This presentation discuss how materials used in joining cSi solar cells, along with the process used, can have a significant impact on the electrical and mec...
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FREE WEBCAST: Solar Simulator Spectrum Measurement and Calibration

This free webinar discusses the classification and need of measuring a solar simulator.



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