Suntech, DuPont to collab on solar backsheets, supply-chain improvements

Feb 3, 2012

A new partnership between Suntech and DuPont will focus on backsheet materials that protect solar panels, their construction and how that affects their longevity, and how backsheets might even improve the module's power output.

Miasolé claims 17% efficient CIGS device, 14% in production

Feb 2, 2012

Miasolé says it has created a 17.3 percent "champion" thin-film copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) solar photovoltaic device, and has started making 14 percent efficient modules in production.

Europe's 2011-2012 PV installs: Two tales of growth

Feb 1, 2012

Two reports out in the past week examine Europe's solar PV market in 2011, indicating slowing growth in the flagship countries and promise in some smaller regions for 2012 and beyond.

US vs. China solar redux: CASE, Brattle Group lament US jobs at stake

Jan 30, 2012

In the latest round of fisticuffs between US and Chinese solar firms, the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy (CASE) and consultancy The Brattle Group claim that any US-levied tariffs on imported Chinese solar products would cost tens of thousands of jobs and dent US solar demand.

US vs. China solar redux: US Commerce Department eyes retroactive penalties

Jan 30, 2012

Another round of fisticuffs between US manufacturers of solar products, aka Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) vs. the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy (CASE). This time CASM seemingly has the US Department of Commerce (DoC) in its corner.

Sorting out solar PV downstream M&A;

Jan 30, 2012

Lux Research analyzes the downstream solar landscape, installers to developers and PPA/lease providers, to sort out high-potential innovators from "me-too" firms.

Survey reveals customers' wish list for PV inverter improvements

Jan 27, 2012

System-level monitoring, continued adoption of string inverters for large PV installs, and improvements by Chinese suppliers are among the trends gleaned from a survey of inverter buyers & sellers

Asian solar PV installs surging, China "blistering"

Jan 26, 2012

Solar PV installations in the Asia-Pacific region raced ahead of expectations in 2011, paced by "blistering" growth in China and strength in Japan and India, says Solarbuzz. But one country isn't so lucky.

One leader, lots of consolidation as CIGS market emerges

Jan 25, 2012

As the CIGS solar PV sector continues to emerge, Lux Research picks out the likely market leader, and others who should prepare for a lot of consolidation.

Japan's material makers making improvements to lower solar costs

Jan 25, 2012

With a wide price disparity between energy sources and uncertainty surrounding new legislation, Japanese companies are turning to technology and manufacturing improvements to help trim solar costs earlier in the supply chain, hoping to rebalance the equation on the other end.

Quantum dots boost cell efficiencies by 45%

Jan 24, 2012

Adding quantum dots into InGa/GaAs solar cells could increase their efficiency by a whopping 45%, say researchers at the U. of Buffalo (NY).

Hiking solar cell efficiency: Moser Baer, Yingli/Dupont trot their latest numbers

Jan 24, 2012

India's Moser Baer says a new "metal and intrinsic layer semiconductor" (MIST) technology can push its PV cell conversion efficiency to 21% or more. Meanwhile, Yingli and DuPont reveal their work in improving Yingli's Panda module technology.

Asia solar cell producers rising amid pricing war

Jan 20, 2012

Europe may be the big end-market for solar PV demand (at least for now), but from a manufacturing standpoint Asian firms are beginning to dominate.

PV module pricing spiked in December, but back to declines in 2012

Jan 19, 2012

"Desperate" installers rushing to complete installations ahead of FiT reductions in key end-markets caused a 7% spike in PV module prices in December, but look for a return to familiar pricing pressure within just a month, according to IMS Research.

Solar Frontier, enXco making CIGS splash with 150MW deal

Jan 18, 2012

CIGS supplier Solar Frontier and renewable energy project developer enXco have signed an eye-popping deal in the world of thin-film solar PV technology: a 150MW module supply deal for enXco's Catalina solar power plant in Kern County, CA.

MEMC tips 4Q11 results, quells Japan project rumors

Jan 18, 2012

MEMC is out with two new press releases, one responding to reported major solar project investments in Japan (through its SunEdison business), and the other at teaser at its upcoming 4Q11 results that appear to be better than expected.

First Solar, Q-Cells set module records

Jan 18, 2012

First Solar tops 14.4% conversion efficiency with its CdTe modules, while Q-Cells touts cell . But there's an important difference in the small print.

A region-by-region take on PV installations, 2011-2012 and beyond

Jan 17, 2012

In a new research report, Maxim analyst Aaron Chew discusses where (he thinks) all major regions finished with 2011 solar PV installations, and where he sees them pushing ahead in 2012 and beyond.

PV installation surprises in 2011, predictions for 2012

Jan 17, 2012 If IMS Research's calculations are correct, global solar PV capacity installations exceeded "an almost unthinkable" 26GW in 2011 -- with a massive 10GW of solar PV capacity in 4Q11 alone, more than all of the entire installed capacity in 2009. And the analyst firm is raising its pr...

PV equipment in 2012: Chinese suppliers emerging as industry retrenches

Jan 17, 2012 Two themes are front and center as the solar PV industry begins 2012: overcapacity and uncertain demand mean PV equipment suppliers need to shift their focus to customers' technology roadmaps, and the Asia region's emergence as a major end-market is giving a boost to some regional equipment suppl...

Large-scale solar: When we struggle, we learn

Jan 16, 2012 If there was one key takeaway from the most recent and Solar Power-gen webcast it was that the year ahead will be difficult for large-scale solar power development due to poor access to capital, an uncertain policy landscape, the pending trade case against China and modul...

Are Japan's megasolar plans falling apart?

Jan 16, 2012

The notable absence from a recent Japanese renewable energy meeting by many political backers -- plus blunt comments from some of them -- are being interpreted as a sign that Softbank's ambitious plans for multiple megasolar plants are falling apart.

Shuffles at REC, Conergy underscore tight markets, Asian growth

Jan 13, 2012

Two separate announcements from major European solar PV companies underscore the continued tough environment for suppliers, and where they think they need to focus to get back on the growth track.

PV tool roundup: GT, Ranor pick up poly-Si business

Jan 13, 2012

News this week from a pair of suppliers, sending solar PV process equipment to two existing (and unidentified) large polysilicon customers -- including a $100M order.

Should Greek-made equipment get FiT help?

Jan 12, 2012

How serious is Greece about its solar industry? It's already explored selling solar power as a way out of its massive debt, and now there's possible interest in exploring a benefit for domestic solar PV technology.

CPS, Oci tie up for 400MW PV project in Texas

Jan 12, 2012

Five months after greatly widening its solar PV scope, Texas municipal utility CPS Energy has found a partner in OCI Solar Power to bring 400 MW of capacity to its customers -- and the potential to add a significant number of solar-related jobs to the region.

Germany mulls solar cuts, caps after blowout 2011

Jan 11, 2012

With nearly half of a record 7.5GW in solar installations pushed through in December alone, Germany faces a key decision: will it tighten its FiT belt even further starting in July, or will it explore a Spanish-style installation cap to cool an overheated market?

SEMI forms Chinese PV standards committee

Jan 11, 2012

SEMI's International Standards Committee (ISC) has officially approved the creation of a China Photovoltaic Standards Committee, to more directly address and direct domestic development of solar PV technology standards.

Chinese Tier-2 c-Si firms rollercoastering through 2Q12

Jan 10, 2012

Capacity utilizations for Chinese Tier-2 crystalline silicon (c-Si) modules plummeted to just 35% in 4Q11 and will go even lower until the beginning of relief in 2Q12, says IMS Research.

FSLR inaugurates first class of top suppliers

Jan 10, 2012

First Solar's inaugural crop of top-ranked suppliers includes an encapsulant firm, a thin-film line builder, and a shipping specialist.

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