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China taking automotive MEMS consumption lead

Increasing sensor counts in Chinese cars, upcoming government mandates for sensors, and the booming automotive market in the country will push China's automotive MEMS consumption to a higher growth rate than that of the rest of the world.

Bosch incorporates MEMS for lower-cost personal robots

Bosch Research and Technology Center is developing "Alan," a personal robot designed to be affordable, capable, and safe to serve residential users in chores. Automotive and consumer MEMS sensors are helping Alan navigate and perform tasks for less.

MEMS motion sensors' continuing evolution in commercial markets

Beginning in 2005, consumer/mobile electronics makers started integrating MEMS motion sensors into devices. Almost every consumer device or cell phone today has a motion sensor embedded inside. Jay Esfandyari, STMicroelectronics, writes about motion sensing’s evolution and future in this blog, in association with MEMS Industry Group.

NIST etches MEMS out of diamonds

NIST developed a method to etch diamond crystals, exploiting the cubic nature of diamond crystals. These diamond-etched features could lead to better MEMS devices.

MEMS product development -- why is it so hard?

Commercializing MEMS can take years and millions of dollars. While the MEMS industry shares some aspects with the larger semiconductor industry, the comparison is not fair in product development. Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group and Alissa M. Fitzgerald of A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates explain what makes developing new MEMS devices so hard.


MEMS Current Articles

Intel, pico projector, surf boards and heart monitors: Meet the MEMS Executive Congress Technology Showcase finalists

Oct 20, 2011 At the MEMS Executive Congress 2011 in November, a demo event will showcase MEMS-enabled applications from medical devices to entertainment and computing systems. Here are the S...

TSV electroplating dev team unites SVTC, Amerimade Technology, Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials

Oct 19, 2011 Nanotech accelerator SVTC Technologies, wet chem equipment maker Amerimade Technology, and chemicals company Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials will collaborate on electro...

MIT etches MEMS structures with glass stamp

Oct 19, 2011 MIT researchers developed a glass-stamp-based technique that helps fabricate lab-on-chip sensors at a lower cost than e-beam lithography and in a more reproducible manner than n...

iPhone 4S first with 5-lens autofocus camera, other component changes

Oct 17, 2011 IHS and Chipworks share details from their preliminary teardowns of the Apple iPhone 4S. The device resembles an iPad/iPhone hybrid, and the 5-lens autofocus camera module is th...

COWIN medical/diagnostics sensor initiative update

Oct 14, 2011 The COWIN project is a European Commission (EC) initiative under FP6 and FP7 European research projects for smart nano and micro technologies benefiting diagnostic and medical a...

MEMS Industry News

Multi-cantilever MEMS technology basis of Panorama Synergy, UWA partnership

Oct 14, 2011 Panorama Synergy has formed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with the University of Western Australia for optical technologies related to highly se...

mPhase develops MEMS membrane at Argonne Labs

Oct 14, 2011 mPhase Technologies was granted access to the technical facilities at the Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Labs, for work on its MEMS Smart s...

X-FAB, Senodia ramp MEMS gyroscope production

Oct 13, 2011 X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group and Senodia Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd today announced they have concluded development and are ramping production of micr...

CTS contracted for 2 piezo-ceramic programs

Oct 12, 2011 CTS Electronic Components, of CTS Corporation (NYSE:CTS), received 2 production orders for piezoceramic products from a major US sonar manufacturer. Revenues...

MEMS Wire News

Napolitano tells panel 400,000 deported in year; Convicted criminals a top priority

Oct 20, 2011 Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano says her department has the resources to deport about 400,000 aliens each year, and the new guidanc...

Symmetricom Timing & Synchronization Professionals to Speak at International Telecommunications Synchronization Forum

Oct 20, 2011 Symmetricom, Inc., a company focusing on precision time and frequency technologies, has announced their timing and synchronization professionals wi...

Researchers Discover a Way To Make Anything a Touch Screen

Oct 19, 2011 Last week, a video went viral that shows a toddler swiping and tapping on an iPad like she had been doing it since the day she emerged from the wom...

Handheld microscopes; PRODUCTS

Oct 19, 2011 [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Enlarged images and videos are captured with zipScope models. The compact wireless and USB microscopes allow computer screen...

No Permanent Enemy, Only Permanent Interest

Oct 19, 2011 The political opposition was unanimous in their belief that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf had failed the Liberian nation and people; and that the...

RF power generator; products & literature

Oct 19, 2011 MKS Instruments Inc., Andover, Mass., introduced the elite RF power generator for amorphous Si PV, LED, and MEMS applications. The generator is ava...

The Teardown [the HP TouchPad]

Oct 19, 2011 The HP TouchPad tablet achieved massive 'sales' following its retail price cut in the US for the 16MB version. The design is well integrated with n...

Market profile: spectroscopic ellipsometry.

Oct 18, 2011 Ellipsometry is a spectroscopic technique used to measure dielectric properties of thin films. Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE), in particular, can ...

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    Nanotech-boosted Li-ion cell capacity: Interview with Zhu, Nanosys

    03/01/2011 Yimin Zhu, director, battery & fuel cell, at Nanosys, discusses details on how silicon nanocomposites are being used to accelerate the improvem...

    Imec's silicon photonics, micro-mirrors for smart lenses

    02/04/2011 Researchers at imec -- Danae Delbeke, photonics technology developer, INTEC (imec's associated laboratory at Ghent U.) and Francesco Pessolano, man...

    STMicro on MEMS traps to avoid and the MEMS metamorphosis

    10/29/2010 Reporting from the MEMS Technology Summit, Debra Vogler spoke with Benedetto Vigna, STMicroelectronics. Vigna described what he calls MEMS "tr...

    Hartwell, HP, talks about leveraging inkjet technology and opportunities in cloud computing

    10/29/2010 At the MEMS Technology Summit (10/19-10/20/10, Stanford University), Peter Hartwell, Distinguished Technologist at HP Labs, discussed the company’s...

    Janusz Bryzek of Jyve on 25 years of MEMS technology

    10/27/2010 Janusz Bryzek of Jyve Inc., summed up the key takeaways from the MEMS Technology Summit . “Manufacturing MEMS is not a trivial job,” said Bryzek. H...