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Flexible e-paper's cholesteric liquid crystals avoid power consumption

Oct 12, 2011 ITRI, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, introduced i2R e-Paper, a re-writeable, re-usable, LCD-based electronic paper medium that can be ma...

IBM Research graphene circuit wins nano contest

Oct 7, 2011 IBM Research has emerged as the winner in the ITRI-sponsored Global Nano Innovation Contest. IBM Research presented its graphene nanoelectronics: wafer-scale...

Nobel Prize awarded to quasicrystals researcher

Oct 6, 2011 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Dan Shechtman, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel...

Graphene races CNT for nanomaterial commercialization

Sep 28, 2011 Both graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNT) suit applications from flexible displays to silicon-replacing transistors. In a relatively short time, graphene has ...

Rice makes graphene without a transfer step

Sep 20, 2011 Rice University researchers devised a method to grow high-quality bilayer graphene on a functional substrate, circumventing the transfer step from catalyst t...

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NeoPhotonics completes Santur buy

Oct 14, 2011 NeoPhotonics Corporation (NYSE:NPTN), photonic integrated circuit (PIC) modules and subsystems maker, completed the acquisition of privately held Santur Corp...

MIT names Microsystems Technology Lab leader

Sep 29, 2011 MIT named Vladimir Bulović as director of MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL). Bulović has experience in a range of advanced electronics technol...

Pixelligent raises over $5M on high demand

Sep 27, 2011 Pixelligent LLC, nanocrystal additive maker, closed $5.1 million in funding. The round was 6 times over-subscribed, requiring the company board to significan...

SWeNT clears EPA approval for MWCNT fab

Sep 22, 2011 An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) consent order now permits SWeNT to manufacture and distribute multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) for commercial app...

Nano electronics garner 12 grants totaling $20M from NSF, SRC

Sep 19, 2011 Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) joined the National Science Foundation (NSF) to fund $20 million for 12 four-year grants on nanoelectronics research...

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Nanoparticles act as cancer spotters

A research team led by Brown University has devised a new technique to spot cancerous tumors in the liver as small as 5 millimeters. The technique, using gold nanoparticles, is the first to deploy ... Read More>>

Announcing New Online Seminar: Understanding Nanotechnology Safety

Registration is now open for an online seminar on nanotechnology safety. This seminar is of interest to anyone concerned about the potential health hazards of exposure to nanoengineered materials. ... Read More>>

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