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Assembleon launches packaging toolset with low impact force

August 23, 2011 Assembléon is entering the packaging equipment market with the A-Series Hybrid, offering parallel placement technology for system-in-package assembly, multi chip module manufacturing, and flip chip...

STATS ChipPAC names top suppliers of 2010

August 23, 2011 SATS provider STATS ChipPAC Ltd. (SGX-ST:STATSChP) honored its top materials and equipment suppliers in 2010, recognizing "intense focus and commitment to performance, quality, cycle time, and...

NATI adds PPMU and SMU test modules to PXI platform

August 22, 2011 National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) added per-pin parametric measurement unit modules and source measure unit modules to its PXI platform for semiconductor characterization and production test.

STATS ChipPAC adds former STM exec to Board

August 22, 2011

Semiconductor packaging and test provider STATS ChipPAC Ltd. (SGX-ST: STATSChP) welcomed Pasquale Pistorio as an advisor to its Board of Directors.

Compugraphics expanding photomask sizes for WLP

August 19, 2011 Compugraphics International is widening its line of photomasks to include larger-area products up to 16 in2, responding to customer demand for wafer-level packaging and other semiconductor and opti...

Sporian sensors in development for Gen IV nuclear use

August 19, 2011

Sporian Microsystems received a DOE contract to evaluate harsh-environment materials, MEMS, and packaging technologies for Generation IV nuclear reactor use.

Multitest test contactor wins out in IDM yield comparison

August 18, 2011 An IDM recently performed side-by-side comparisons of a Multitest Mercury test contactor and an "established contactor of an incumbent Asian competitor" during high-volume production pack...

Inside the Known Good Die conference

August 17, 2011 The annual Known Good Die (KGD) conference, taking place Nov. 10 in Santa Clara, CA, will address semiconductor die testing, assembly, manufacturing, and business challenges, with the tagline "...;

Nemotek wafer-level camera integrates CMOS image sensors

August 17, 2011

Nemotek Technologie uncrated the Exiguus, with a VGA wafer-level camera integrating wafer-level optics assembled with CMOS image sensors (CIS).

MEMS, 3D packaging major factors in iNEMI roadmap

August 16, 2011 The 2011 iNEMI Roadmap, published by the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI), includes a new chapter on MEMS and sensors, and an expanded chapter on packaging to include subs...

RF power generator suits various silicon fab steps

August 15, 2011

MKS Instruments Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) introduced the elite RF Power Generator for RF deposition and etch in a-Si PV, LED, and MEMS manufacturing.

Johnstech renames Kelvin-ready test contactor

August 15, 2011

Johnstech International Corporation is rereleasing the configurable ROL 200K (Kelvin) Test Contactor as the ROL 200KR Kelvin-Ready Test Contactor for both pad and leaded style devices.

SEMI hands the reins to Denny McGuirk

August 15, 2011 SEMI appointed Dennis P. McGuirk as president and CEO. He replaces Stanley T. Myers, who is retiring. McGuirk comes to SEMI from IPC -- Association Connecting Electronics Industries, where he led a...

Tessera adds DARPA former director to board

August 15, 2011 Tessera Technologies appointed Anthony J. Tether, Ph.D., to its board of directors. Tether is CEO of The Sequoia Group, and has held executive positions at DARPA and Ford Aerospace Corp., among oth...

SEMI convenes system-in-package summit alongside SEMICON Taiwan

August 12, 2011 SEMI will hold the first-ever SiP Global Summit, September 7-9, co-located with SEMICON Taiwan. Three forums cover system in package (SiP) test, the "3D IC era," and the requirements of m...