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Heraeus nods to PV cost pressures with lower-silver pastes


Heraeus has introduced new silver pastes for thin-film and crystalline solar cell fabrication, focusing on lower silver content. Andy London of Heraeus discusses the rapid and continuing price drop for PV panels, and how PV makers can cope.

Canadian Solar makes a play for re-engineering solar economics


Alan King, Canadian Solar, discusses the design rules for Intelligrated Power PV panels, debuting at Solar Power International. King also comments on the US funding strategy for solar deployment/advances compared to other countries' plans.

Azuray PV power optimizers target shading

10/11/2011 Azuray Technologies is launching two solar power optimizers at Solar Power International: the AP260 DC-DC power optimizer and the AC160 solar module performance monitor. Robert Batten speaks with Debra Vogler about the best ways to compensate for shading and other mismatches in the installation.

DuPont MCM on lower-silver PV metallization pastes


Peter Brenner, global marketing manager, photovoltaics, at DuPont MCM, speaks about DuPont’s new lower-silver Solamet metallization pastes.

Ziptronix low-temp direct oxide bonding scales pixels to 0.7µm width


In a podcast interview with, Ziptronix president & CEO, Daniel Donabedian, and company CTO, Paul Enquist, discussed both the Ziptronix wafer bonding technology and their partnership with Sony.

Advanced Energy demos SEGIS technology: high-penetration PV on the grid


After a demonstration of Solar Energy Grid Integration System (SEGIS) technology by Advanced Energy Industries Inc. (Nasdaq:AEIS), Michael Mills-Price spoke about the solar photovoltaics inverter control project, and what “islanding” means for a solar installation.

D2S doubles down with new mask-wafer double simulation workstation


D2S announced a mask-wafer double simulation accelerated workstation for R&D exploration, bit-cell design, hot-spot analysis and mask defect categorization. Aki Fujimura, CEO, D2S, describes the product’s effect on mask writing, costs and wafer yield at 20nm and below.

IC Insights updates semi forecast, discusses China's stimulus success


IC Insights' Bill McClean discusses his fall forecast update for the semiconductor industry, why he sees 8%-9% long-term growth, and the impact of stimulus programs on worldwide GDP and how that ties into semiconductor growth.

Applied unveils EUVL mask etch system


Amitabh Sabharwal, GM, mask etch products, at Applied Materials, talks about AMAT's new EUV lithography reticle etch system.

Jerry Cutini, president & CEO, eIQ Energy; and Oliver Janssen, chief business development officer


eIQ Energy announced that board member Jerry Cutini has joined the company as president & CEO. Cutini and out-going CEO Oliver Janssen speak with Debra Vogler, senior technical editor.