Semicon West 2011 News

AMAT's DRAM fab tools for denser transistors

Sep 1, 2011 Applied Materials debuted three systems at SEMICON West for next-generation DRAM chip manufacturing: the Centura DPN HDTM system to improve the gate insulator scaling, the Endura HAR Cobalt PVD system for high-aspect-ratio (HAR) contact structures...

The 450mm transition: Many unanswered questions

Sep 1, 2011

Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief

LED forecast and MOCVD utilization chat with Strategies Unlimited

Aug 12, 2011

Tom Hausken, Strategies Unlimited, shares insights on LED growth, the gap between MOCVD purchasing and utilization, and the global distribution of LED manufacturing.

Inside Leti: FDSOI, 3D packaging, Si photonics work

Aug 12, 2011

Laurent Malier, CEO of Leti, described the research group's work and the outlook on fully depleted silicon on insulator (FDSOI), 3D packaging technologies, and integrated photonics on silicon.

Henkel's Dixon at SEMICON West: Silver sintering, die-attach validation

Aug 11, 2011 Doug Dixon from Henkel explains two announcements the company made at SEMICON West: a silver sintering material that requires no pressure, and joint work with STMicroelectronics on conductive die attach films for very small package configurations.

LED packaging equipment for better throughput, quality, and yields

Aug 11, 2011

In these 2 video interviews from SEMICON West 2011, ESI technologists John Sabol and Vernon Cooke discuss what LED chips require on the back-end manufacturing line, starting at wafer scribing and moving on through test.

Mix of end users and challenges drives Qcept Technologies' partnering strategy

Aug 11, 2011 Robert Newcomb from Qcept explains the two types of customers for inspection technology and their different needs: those on the leading edge who want yield improvements, and mainstream fabs seeking a better yield/cost mix on older processes.

Interviews from Semicon West 2011

Cymer litho VP Nigel Farrar shares product updates

07/14/2011 Nigel Farrar, Cymer, provides a status report on EUV lithography source technology, extensions to ArF lithography, the laser crystallization proces...

Sitaram Arkalgud presents SEMATECH packaging survey results

07/14/2011 Sitaram Arkalgud, director of interconnect at SEMATECH, discusses the high-volume manufacturability issues and gaps in both 2.5D and 3D semiconduct...

Stanley Myers on his SEMI career

07/14/2011 Stanley T. Myers talks what moments stand out for him as "historic" advances in semiconductor fab and the evolution of SEMI. He also shar...

Jonathan Davis of SEMI at SEMICON West 2011

07/14/2011 Jonathan Davis, SEMI, chats about standards development in 450mm and 3D IC, as well as the importance of collaboration, and how it is happening at ...

Amir Azordegan, senior director of marketing for Surfscan at KLA-Tencor

07/11/2011 Amir Azordegan, senior director of marketing for Surfscan at KLA-Tencor, explains how KLAC's Surfscan SP3 DUV wafer inspection platform detect...

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